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Teen Driving Project

No description

Summerlin Schlemmer

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Teen Driving Project

Teen Driving Project
Part 1 & 2

By: Summerlin Schlemmer
What groups are addressing the problems? What are some programs or initiatives that are working to solve or curb the problem? Be sure to name at least two initiatives or programs trying to solve this problem.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is addressing the problem. Since 2009 they have held two national distracted driving summits. (U Drive. U Text. U Pay.)
4. How is the problem being addressed?
Every state around America has banned the use of cell phone usage while driving. Most states prohibit the use of hand held and hands free phones.
1.Select an Topic (Road Rage, Teen Crashes, Drunk Driving, Cell Phones and Driving)
Cell Phones and Driving
2. Define the Issue in Terms of Teen Driving
The issue now a days is that teens always use their cell phones. They use them anytime they can, they will go on social media and they will text their friends. Most teens thinks its fun and games until someone gets hurt. While driving they get distracted because they are too busy using their cell phones. When using the phone you are distracting your brain from your surroundings. You are trying to multitask but it doesn't work. You are trying to switch back and fourth from driving and your phone. Soon after awhile you loose focus and crash.
3. Complete Research to Explain What the Problem Is. Use statistics or data to back up your opinion
The problem is, is that most teens are using their cell phones while driving.
Driving and texting is a significant factor in crashes. It can kill the driver and the passengers.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Preventions latest quiz in 2014, "41.4 percent of high school students reported that they texted or emailed from behind the wheel at least once during the previous 30 days."
The highest rate in texting behind the wheel was 61.3 percent in South Dakota.
The lowest rate was 32.3 percent in Massachusetts.
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released “Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Drivers, that teenage girls are twice as likely to use their phones than boys.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data reports that, "15 to 19 years old, 19 percent were distracted by the use of cellphones at the time of the crash."
University of Utah (search) says "When motorists between 18 and 25 talk on cell phones, they drive like elderly people. The people who talked on cell phones were 18 percent slower in braking and took 17 percent longer to regain the speed they lost when they braked."
Most people who get caught would get a ticket and they would have to pay a fine for $161 if they were caught texting and driving.
AT&T has an app that is called "DriveMode". It is where the texts that come in replies to the person and tells them that you are driving.
There also is a lot of pledges you can take as in "It can wait".
Part 2: Solutions for the Issue—Presentation
1. What are your ideas for solving or curbing the problem? What could be done that is not currently being done?
2. What can you do to personally to bring this issue to light?

There is not a lot of things I can do for out of Orlando or my hometown. But in Orlando, I can post signs around the town and it would have a slogan about texting and driving. I can also post messages around my school telling everyone the dangerous outcomes from using your cellphone. I could even get a group together to talk to my school. I can also post on social media for all of my friends and family members to see and for them to share it. They can share it to their friends and their friends can share it with theirs. It can be a chain and hopefully something good could happen from it.
One of my ideas would be if you have a more modern car, and if it has blue tooth. You should be able to connect your phone and it repeats the text and you can tell the 'car' what to text back. This is just to curve the dangerousness of texting and driving. Because some states have bans on any cellphone usage period.
Another idea that the police can use is that they can have something that detects phone in the area. If the monitor detects a phone that is in use, it would pick up a signal and go where that person is located.
If there should be no absolutely use of cell phones. Then there should be something that goes in your car that programs your phone to shut off or give you no signal. When that happens you are not able to use your phone at all. Unless it is an emergency and you can still contact the police.
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