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The Nike Shoe Spill of 1990

No description

Jackson F

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of The Nike Shoe Spill of 1990

The Nike Shoe Spill Of 1990
By: Jackson Ford
Cameron Cummings
J.W. Hopkins
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
How did it happen?
Who caused it?
No one can really say. Nike blames most of it on the hurricane and the bad timing. But some other people think differently. Many enviormental protests were held . But Nike was never sued. People protested and said it was Nike's fault for the shoe spill.
Where Did it occur?
This horrific event happened in the Mid Atlantic Ocean. The ship kept on going and the shoes fell off between Seoul and Seattle.
Environmental Impact
Yes, there was an environmental impact. Shoe laces were found wrapped around animals on their neck and body. Most animals died before the rescuers could find them. Some animals included turtles, large and small fish, and other sea life.
Global Impact
Yes, there was a global impact. Many shoes were found on beaches near Seattle and Seoul. Also in other places such as the Washington beach and other places around the world.
Facts, Causes, and Reasons
The Nike shoe spill of 1990 happened when a violent hurricane hit a cargo ship . They were in thee hi Mid Pacific Ocean when this happened when the hurricane hit. 80,000 pairs of shoes spilled out in the storm.
The Clean Up Process
People such as Ebbesmeyer has dropped buoys in the ocean to track the currents and find the shoes. Sadly most of the shoes traveled to far and the explorers can not find them. Some of the shoes might still be floating around the currents, or sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
80,000 Nike pairs of shoes were spilled
Shoes can float for up to 10 years
About only half the shoes were found
160,000 shoes were spilled total
Since then Nike has put tracking devices on their shipping containers
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