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My Ideologies, Beliefs, and Values

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A MacMillan

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of My Ideologies, Beliefs, and Values

My Ideologies, Beliefs, and Values
I believe that culture strongly affects a person's viewpoints on political, economic, and religious matters. A culture is how you are raised, and is often based off your ethnicity/country of origin, and it is your parents or guardians that introduce you to the culture. I believe that culture is influenced by it's country's political values as well as other ideologies. For example, being raised in a Canadian culture has influenced my political values in that I believe a democratic government is essential for a nation. However, someone who was raised in Soviet Russia or Syria, etc, may believe in either a communist or dictatorial government. Culture can also influence viewpoints and ideologies on factors such as economy, and how much control the government should have over the economy. Culture strongly affects my ideologies because culture represents the way I was raised, and that affects my opinions and ideologies. Culture greatly influences my political and economical beliefs, as I was raised in a family that supports the conservative party and a strong economy.
Language strongly ties in with geography, which is an important aspect in determining nationality, ideologies, etc. Language can also affect the type of media, and level of social interactions you have in your life. For example, English speaking Canadians may listen to an English news station versus an Afghanistan news station, and their opinion on foreign help may differ than the Afghanistan population. Language influences me in many ways, such as the T.V. shows I watch, the group of people I socialize with, and more.
Relationship to Land
In my opinion, relationship to land represents your national beliefs/nationalism. In this context, nationalism doesn't have much of a significant effect on my ideologies, and although I am proud to be Canadian, and will always consider myself a Canadian despite which country I live in, I believe that each nation is good in different aspects, and that it is okay to be a patriot, but ultranationalism can often occur and you have to be careful as to where the line between ultranationalism and being proud of your country stands.
The environment can influence someone's ideologies in many ways, based off of weather and climate, pollution levels and industry, and how the environment has been shaped by factors such as warfare. Environment influences my ideologies because I strongly believe that we need to reduce the level of emissions and work towards a more environmentally stable nation as to preserve wildlife and the natural food chain. If the natural food chain or animal population were to become unbalanced, the entire ecosystem could fail, resulting in wildlife extinction, and potentially in the long term if no action is taken, the extinction of humanity due to lack of food sources and inhospitable air.
Religion and Spirituality
Religion and spirituality can influence other's ideologies based on what their "God" or "gods" would do or "command" However, I was raised an atheist, and do not believe in any divine power, and am not affected by religious and spiritual beliefs.
Media does not have much of an impact on my ideologies as most of my media I watch does not involve world or nation wide events that can affect ideologies, despite the satirical responses to some of the government's decisions. However, I believe that media, especially certain types, can influence a person's ideologies significantly.
In my opinion, both genders should be treated with equality, and neither should receive special benefits based on majority, past events such as sexism, etc. Gender scarcely influences my ideologies as I believe that neither gender should be treated different than the other.
To conclude, the most significant factors that influence my ideologies are culture and environment, as they are both important factors that can shape and greatly affect nations. My political ideologies are between conservative and liberalism, as I support the economic values of conservatives, but in terms of government leadership, liberalism seems to benefit the people more.
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