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COMM 346

No description

Christina Ceisel

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of COMM 346

COMM 346
Introduction to
Tourism & Entertainment Studies

Instructor: Prof. Christina M. Ceisel, Ph.D.
Office: CP-460-07
Phone: (657) 278-2698
Email: cceisel@fullerton.edu
Office Hours: Irvine campus: Mondays 6-7 pm
Fullerton campus: Tuesdays 1-3 pm, and by appointment

Lieberman, A. and Esgate, P. (2013). The definitive guide to entertainment marketing: Bringing the moguls, the media, and the magic to the world. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Milner, S. (2010). Leveraging Up! The key to launching your entertainment career. Burbank, CA: ET Books.

Additional readings will be posted to Titanium.

Upon completion of COMM 346, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of how interconnected the fields of entertainment and tourism are in today’s culture and society
2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the major sectors and divisions of entertainment media and tourism, and their potential for growth.
3. Demonstrate a basic ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate scholarly and trade literature for the field.
4. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the unique structure and political economy of the entertainment and culture industries
5. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the impact and responsibilities entertainment/tourism professionals have to the public, to management and to the industry.
6. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the prominent people and organizations within the entertainment and tourism industries.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of career opportunities and responsibilities in entertainment and tourism.

This is an advanced level course intended to introduce you to the entertainment and tourism industries. As such, it will cover a wide range of themes, topics, and approaches to studying the E&T industries. There will be several means of engaging with the course content—a combination of lecture, discussion, group work, papers, and readings. Participation and attendance are required and will contribute to your final grade. Assignments, readings, and extra credit opportunities will be posted to Titanium—please check both Titanium and your CSUF email account regularly.
Please come to class on time, having completed the readings and ready to engage in discussion.

two excused absences throughout the semester.
If a situation arises where you will be absent for an extended period of time, please contact me (sooner rather than later!) to discuss options.

Engagement during class time
Are you alert?
Paying attention?
Asking questions?
Replying to questions?
Coming to office hours?
Engaging in conversation about class topics outside the confines of the class
(posting relevant news items to Titanium, or forwarding stories on to the professor for class discussion).
• Exams
• Quizzes
• Response papers
• Informational interview
• Final paper
Midterm 100
Final 100
Final Paper 100
Quizzes 50
Response papers 50
Informational Interview 50
Attendance & Participation 50
Total 500

Extra Credit
Attend campus event (information on eligible events will be provided)
Post relevant news stories to Titanium, with brief description relating them to class content
Assignments & Grading

Be respectful of your time and others

If your laptop/tablet/phone is becoming a distraction, I will ask you to put it away

Try to take notes by hand--research shows that it helps you remember information

Please silence and put away your cell-phones. If you need to take a call, please leave the classroom

**any work submitted/posted to Titanium or email during class time will receive a zero, and you will not receive credit for attendance that day**
Class Decorum
No question is unworthy in your educational process.

Please be sure to respect a diversity of the classroom and its ideas.

Please come to class ready to discuss the ideas put forward by the readings, listen to others’ thoughts, and engage in respectful dialogue.

If you are offended or disagree with something that is said, please say why.

Derogatory comments based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or nationality will not be tolerated.

Assignments will use APA style guidelines

Lack of attention to details such as spelling and grammar will result in grade penalties.

Please visit the Writing Center

Please let me know during the first week of classes about any disability or special needs that may require specific arrangements/accommodations

You must register with the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS), located in UH-101 and at (714) 278-3112
includes but is not limited to:
borrowing another person's ideas without acknowledgment
using paraphrased material without attribution
not citing quoted material
copying from any source and presenting the work as your own
downloading and using as your own any phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or entire documents from the Internet
using anyone's assistance (other than the instructor or a lab assistant) to fulfill course requirements. Visits to the writing center should be acknowledged
First assignment:
Forum post--

1. Name

2. Picture

3. Brief introduction--who you are, why you are interested in tourism and entertainment

4. Favorite form of entertainment (and why!)

5. Dream travel destination (and why!)

6. What you are looking forward to learning in the course
Full transcript