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Colorado Landmarks: Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain National P

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on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Colorado Landmarks: Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain National P

Colorado Landmarks: Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park
By Josie Abramson
Similarities and Differences
Rocky Mountain National Park's Impact on Economy
Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular tourist attraction that bring many new people to Colorado. Visiters will have to pay for parking, gifts to remember, and more. You could go to a restaurant near the park or stay at a lodge
How Rocky Mountain National Park is Important to Colorado History and How the Government was involved
This landmark is important because it represents the very important Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Colorado is where the Rocky Mountains run through. Many miners have found gold in this landmark. This landmark is one of the most popular for Colorado tourists. The Rocky Mountains were named a national park on January 26, 1915. It was created to protect both natural and cultural resources!
This mountain is a natural landmark. When explorer Zebulon Pike tried to summit the mountain, he didn't make it to the top and came back down but the mountain was still named after him: Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is in the Rocky Mountains. In 1888, a carriage road to the summit was built. Did you know there is a 30 degrees difference between the top of the mountain and the base of the mountain?!
Rocky mountain national park
the landmark
Rocky Mountain National Park
is 415 square meters of trails
both biking and hiking. There
is plenty of wildlife and sightseeing
at this park. You can choose to
enjoy Trail Ridge Road which is
over 12,000 ft. The police are involved to help keep the enviroment safe and sanitary. The government made the Rocky Mountains a National Park.
Rocky Mountain
National Park
Pikes Peak
The Landmark
Pikes Peak
Rocky Mountain
National Park

Impact and History Pikes Peak has on CO.
Pikes Peak offers some free activities
and tourists can take a train, buy some souvenirs, or just drive around!
Pikes Peak got its name when Pike didn't have enough materials to summit the mountain, so turned around and went back. Later, Edwin James was the first person to reach the top of the mountain.
How the Government was involved
This mountain is a natural landmark. In 1973, the Us signal service built a telegraph station to monitor the weather.
Pikes Peak is just one mountain while the Rocky Mountains are a whole cluster of mountains
The Rocky Mountains don't have a railway leading up to the top like Pikes Peak does
Wildlife in the Rocky Mountains
Both are beautiful mountain sites with plenty to do and lots to see
Both are national land marks that were created by natural things such as erosion, boulder, or weather
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