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Payment Data Systems

No description

Bryan Davis

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Payment Data Systems

Transaction Processing Taking payments from customers, for a business, and processing those payments through the appropriate credit or banking institution. Credit Cards
Debit Cards
ACH Processing NET Certified ACH Webservices
Credit Card Gateway
Bill Payment Gateway Gateway & Connectivity/API's Using the Cloud to connect businesses to payment gateways through existing systems and APIs for Integration of Payment Processing Fraud & Risk Management Using the Cloud to connect businesses to payment gateways through existing systems and APIs for Integration of Payment Processing Debit Card Loading
Credit Card Fraud & Risk
eCheck Real-Time Verification iRemotePay(TM) A Secure iPhone Mobile Payment App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Secure Payment Processing with end to end encryption of transaction data;
Allows our customer to leverage their existing wireless plan if using a cellular network;
Internet based reporting;
Back office support for corporate office or remote personnel so each can immediately view transactions as soon as a sale is made;
Integrated telephone and Web based transaction reporting through all of the PDS back-office applications such as fraud control and our CSR View product;
Fast merchant setup time - as fast as 24 hours;
Supports all card association brands;
Supports entry and payment for ACH processing (e-checks);
Captures, tracks and reports cash payments. Payment Data Systems (PDS): is focused on the processing of payments for merchants and large enterprises. Our products are designed to provide payment solutions wherever your customer happens to be or however they need to pay; by phone to your Customer Service Department, at your website, by Interactive Voice Response (IVR), by retail terminal, or by mobile payments. From the Office of the CFO Recommendation
#1 No more investment until operating income is positive and more stable. Recommendation
#2 Leverage existing resources and infrastructure to expand support for NFC on existing supported devices. Thank you! Questions?
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