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Destiny Harper

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

China &Canada Trading Partners Main Languages Canada: The main languages spoken are
French & English. Those are the official main languages of Canada.
China: The main language of China are Mandarin. Mandarin is declared the main language of China. There is also Cantonese, and Taiwanese, although they are not main languages they are still spoken. Population China: In china there are many people. But altogether there are around 1.3 million people in the entire country of China.

Canada: Through out all of Canada there are many religions of people. But to be accurate there are about 33.0 million people living among all of Canada. Currency China:In China their currency is called RENMINBI or in chinese yuan.They would use their renminbi to buy their everyday item. In order to pay to ship their good and send in their goods they would pay the shipping companies yuan/renminbi.
Canada: In Canada we call our money Canadian Dollars. We have bills and coins. For all our payments we would use our Canadian dollars to make up the cost. In order to import and export all goods we have to pay Canadian dollars. Government What we trade From China to Canada we import many goods such as home appliances (couches,refrigerator), electrical appliances (tablets, television) washers, toys (dolls,action figures), lamps, artificial flowers, and car parts (engines,doors). Also Canada imports many clothing from China such as dresses pants and shoes. Now from Canada to China , Canada also Exports a wide variety of goods. We export lumber, fish , steel, oil seed (canola), gas, tires, and other sea foods (shrimp,crab). we also export home appliances (sofa,tables), fruits (raspberries,plum), vegetables (potatoes,onions) and clothing (shirts,socks). Capital City China: In china the capital city is Beijing. Beijing has the second highest population in China.

Canada: The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.
Ottawa is a common place visited in Canada. In fact the main language of Ottawa is french. Interesting facts * Did you know that $20.00 in Canadian is $121.477
in China
*O'Canada originally named "Chant National" was written by Adolphe -Basile Routhive
*the CN tower in Toronto was the worlds tallest free standing structure until it was eclipse in 2007
* Cheddar is the most popular cheese
*Canada has a trade deficit with China
*If your born in 2001 your a snake
*Ice Cream was Invented in China around 2000 BC when the chinese packed a soft milk with rice mixture in the snow.
*Red is considered a lucky color in China
*Ontario contains over 250'000 lakes
* ttyth Transportation China: To import & export all goods China would use a variety of things. Such as trains, motor vehicles (cars & trucks), airplanes and boats. they are similar to how Canada transports their goods.

Canada: How do we transport our goods? Well that's easy, we use boats, planes, trucks, cars, and trains. They are very similar to our every day transportation. China: The Government of china is all divided
in to groups. First there is a single party state.
Second there is a communist state. Third there is the
Presidential system, the president of China is Hu Jingping. finally there is the socialist state.
Canada:In Canada we have a democracy of many types. There is the parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy, Federation, and the multi-party system. As you know Canada does not have a president, but we have mayors (Hazel Macalion, Rob Ford), Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) and others. Land Area Canada:Canada is a large country with many provinces and cities. In square kilometers Canada has a massive area of 10.0 million km squared.
China: China is the 4th biggest country in the world. It has many great lands and is believed to be the second largest country in all of Asia. altogether China has a rounded area of 9.5 square kilometers. That 0.5 square kilometers less than Canada. Climate Canada: Canada has 4 main seasons. Fall,Summer,Winter,and Spring. A temperature in Canada can begin from 35*c ~ -25*c. In those temperatures Canada can produce a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Such as apples, grapes, cherries, strawberries, green peas, sweet corn, and potatoes.
China: China also has 4 main seasons like Canada. They all have temperatures that go with them. In Winter they have temperatures starting from 10*-or lower. In spring time it would be from 10*-20*. summer time is very warm it has temperatures from 22*-or even high. Fall is a Luke warm season with temperatures from 10*- 22*. Those temperatures grow crops such as Chinese water dragons, watermelons, rice, cabbage etc. CANADA CHINA Images
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