Conversational storytelling for sales: Connecting with prospects to close more deals
Recorded on June 29, 2018 at 9 a.m. PDT/ 12 p.m. EDT/ 4 p.m. GMT

Generic, canned elevator pitches are relics of the dusty past. You’re better than that, and so are your prospects. They want stories and open dialogue, not boilerplate language and jargon. Integrating storytelling into your sales process now will help you close more deals tomorrow.

On Friday, June 29th, join Prezi’s Regional Director of Marketing and Head of Story, Spencer Waldron, to learn how you can craft a business story that resonates emotionally with your customers and prospects. 

You’ll discover: 

  • How to avoid cookie-cutter language and create sales pitches that are relevant and exciting
  • How to develop content that allows for - and encourages - organic conversations with prospects
  • How to integrate business stories into your messaging to build trust and increase engagement

Plus, you’ll learn how conversational storytelling can play a major role throughout the entire sales process (and beyond). The webinar starts at 9 a.m. PST/ 12 p.m. EST/ 4 p.m. GMT, so book your calendar now!

Featured Speakers

Featured Speaker

Spencer Waldron is Prezi’s European Regional Director of Marketing and Head of Story. He regularly writes for European business publications about presentation skills, and has a wealth of experience of helping people create better presentations and be better visual communicators. He has nearly 20 years of marketing and business development experience. Before his role at Prezi, he was also a co-founder of a presentations agency where he successfully helped hundreds of business professionals improve their presentation content, design, and delivery. He was also the co-founder of a software start-up.