The presentation lifecycle: how to create, present, and analyze for greater growth
February 21, 2018 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

Nearly all business endeavors begin with a presentation. We spend hours of effort and tons of resources to get prospects and stakeholders to hear us out. This drawn-out planning process can make all of the content that makes up the presentation seem episodic. Short-lived. Sometimes, it can even make it feel wasted. But the truth is, presentations have the potential to keep performing long after they’ve been shared on the big screen — that is, if we let them.

Join top-performing Prezi sales account executive, Mikolka Morrill, for a webinar on how you can make the full lifecycle of a presentation work for you -- long after the pitch, meeting, or trade show is over.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create conversational presentations that encourage a two-way dialogue that is always relevant and meaningful to your prospects and customers
  • How to present ideas and content more effectively with a non-linear, non-scripted approach, which helps you stay on track and on
  • How to use analytics to dig deep into audience behaviors, engagement, and needs, so you can give your most impactful, memorable presentation -- every single time

Plus, Mikolka will share sales strategies, tips, and learnings from his own experiences, all gleaned while using this unique approach.

Featured Speaker

Mikolka Morrill

Mikolka Morrill is an account executive at Prezi who works with a variety of teams spanning multiple industries, departments, and team sizes. Prior to joining Prezi, he worked as part of the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps, where he helped pre-prototype startups to do intensive customer discovery. Both in his previous roles and current work, he has developed robust experience using high-stakes presentations, and has learned, first-hand, the impact of a full lifecycle presentation. He currently lives in San Francisco with two paintings and a couch.