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Technology Beliefs

No description

Emily Williams

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Technology Beliefs

Technology Beliefs
Emily Williams
Using Technology in the classroom has the ability to
create a sense community as well as extend the students learning in an infinite amount of directions.
A community that views technology as a tool to learn and teach together. A community that supports each other through their learning and can utilize aspects of technology to work as a team to complete a goal.
Learning that is visual, spatial, auditory, linguistic. Learning of skills that can be utilized beyond the classroom and into multiple realms of technology.
Individual Focus
Off- Task
Through setting high and equal expectations of every student while also following through with norms and a thorough example
Through enabling students to empathize with fellow students and through approaching classroom as a collaborative atmosphere
Through seeing connection to community around them which enables them to see a connection amongst themselves
Through keeping students engaged by consistently allowing them to discover the purpose (why?) behind the learning goal
Overall Goal
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