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UIF: How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed

SXSWEdu 2016

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of UIF: How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed

session materials will be posted at:

Design Thinking Process
Doctores en hospitales rurales de Nepal necesitan incubadoras más baratas y duraderas para tratar a recién nacidos con hipotermia
Roadmap for the Summit
Part I (11:00-12:30)
Part II (12:40-2:00)
Work in teams: apply Design Thinking tools to reframing provocations
More Design Thinking! (all hands-on)
Framework for value creation and assessment
Inspiration from students and their faculty collaborators (ignite-style), ending with a provocation
physical space
co-curricular activities
collaboration with industry
community engagement
alumni/donor engagement
informal learning resources
student support resources
Student Voice
Student Action
Student-Faculty Partnerships
HMW map assets along the
journey of the student
, and come up with the
right metrics
to assess impact?

How might we create platforms for inter-institutional collaboration that blur the lines between universities and communities?
Bio break!
We will continue in 10 min
(*) you can also stay and play a fun game :)
what if...?
why not?
how else?
Yes, AND..

How might we leverage student leaders to resonate with your funders?
How might we better understand the
of faculty and students when designing learning experiences?
How might we create or activate spaces to engage ALL students in discovering and pursuing their passions?

starting question or challenge
How might we include
more and more diverse student voices
in shaping the future of higher education?
How might you leverage a partnership of students, faculty, and administration to complement each other and create change?
How might we include more, and more diverse, student voices in shaping the future of higher education?

How might we create stories about our work that motivate our audiences to take action?
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