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Stage 4 Technology


Israa Hamdache

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Stage 4 Technology

Introduction to Stage 4 Technology
Stage 4 Technology is neccessary
about teaching the students all
about the different type of program,
software etc. It also shows how to
use the computer in many ways. This
subject is alot more fun and students also do exciting tasks during class. This are the following units in stage 4
Technology and they are: 7.0, 7.1, 7.2,
7.3, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3. There is more
explanation in the following parts.
7.0 Technical drawing
7.1 Who Am I?
7.2 Desk Accessory

7.3 Room for Improvement
8.2 Information Kiosk
8.3 How does your garden grow
This is all the units that will be announced in this prezi!
8.1 Ramadan calendar
7.0 Technical Drawing
After when all students have complete this unit (7.0 technical drawing) they will have a complete paper (A3) black and white technique drawing mosque that was actually drawn by a student from year 7.
Student will learn how to draw a mosque using technical drawing techniques
7.1 Who Am I?
This project was to learn how to create a powerpoint presentation that had to be all about our favourite country. Students learn the features of a powerpoint and understand the things that should be in a right place in a presentation. Special effects and backgrounds are some of things that can also be done in a powerpoint.
7.2 Desk Accessory
This task was to design/create a desk accessory that the students designed to encourage people organise their desk using polymer clay. The skills that were taught how to shape, cut and bake polymer clay and also used recycled objects such as cups. Students created a desk accessory by a theme that was giving by a teacher.
7.3 Room For Improvement
The project was to design a room from the student's imagination with everything they think of that the designers use.
For sketching the room students all use Google sketch up and designed it and after that they actually designed the real model using recycable materials and also tools.
The skills that were taught how to design a room like a designer, use google sketch up and etc
Stage 4 Technology
Unity Grammar College

8.1 Ramadan Calendar
This project was to design a calendar that represents the Islamic month of Ramadan using Adobe Photoshop and Illustration.
The skills that student learnt was how to use photoshop to edit photos and make proper design and illustrator
8.2 Information Kiosk
This project was to create a presentation using prezi. The skills that students use in prezi has all kind of different features.

Prezi has a lot of special features in it that you can use for your projects and other things. Students also did a research task about an interactive device.
8.3 How does your Garden Grow
This purpose of this unit of work is for student to learn how to grow seedlings. They will learn how to grow plant and garden them.
Thank you for watching
From Israa Hamdache 8G1
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