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Madison Esteves

By Madison Esteves

Katrina Dye

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Madison Esteves

Access Bracelets
Questions and Answers
& how the bracelets work
The access bracelets have a bar code system linked to the door. the door has a scanner and the bracelet has a code that the door recognizes as a person. The door also has a motion detector. If a bracelet is scanned and motion is detected, it assumes one has walked into the classroom. If a bracelet is not scanned, but motion is detected, an alarm goes off that an unknown person has gone into the classroom. The door checks its data and sees who has not checked in, and sends that list to the office. The bracelet has a lock on it, so once it is closed into place, it locks. There are two buttons that unlock it once they've been held down.
Q: What five adjectives would best describe your design? Q: What current safety features of Lakeside do you think will still be in use in 2050?
A: Innovative, creative, possible, futuristic, and essential. A: Cameras in the hallway, doors that lock, and smoke alarms.
Q: What do you think will be the biggest safety concern in 2050? Why?
A: Thefts, burglars, and school break-ins.
Q: What makes your design innovative?
A: Using a bar coding system in a new interesting design.
Q: What was the inspiration for your design?
A: A way to prevent break-ins.

Feb. 2015
A glimpse into the future of Lakeside School District
Madison Esteves
I plan to make schools more safe with my design. In 2050, school safety will probably be a bigger problem than it is today.
Lakeside 2050: Safety Features
The solution is to give certain access to the students of Lakeside 2050. This
will also guarantee that students get where they need to be. They would have
user friendly
bracelets that check them in where they need to go. This
does not allow people without the
bracelets to get in.
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