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Never eat alone

And other secrets to success, one relationship at a time

Leandro de Miranda

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Never eat alone

The write stuff
I asked her how…I could become a writer.
“Write”, she told me.
Once you’ve got a hook…get in touch with the editor of a publication that’s likely to publish such material.
Call others to interview them (top experts and thinkers on [your] subject)…[you then] have established a terrific environment for meeting anyone anywhere.
Getting Close to Power
Power…arises from being identified with influential people.
Fame breeds fame.
The ones who get ahead are usually those who know how to make highly placed people about having them around.
Folks are folks…Just remember that famous and powerful people are first and foremost people
Build It and They Will Come
Clubs and conferences…exist for a good reason: People are always hungry to congregate with other people with similar interest, to make a difference in their communities, and to create an environment that makes it easier to do business.
If you can’t play on a specific mountain, there’s no reason not to build your own.
Reach out to everyone who has contributed to your success from the beginning.
CTR (Remember who are you)
Find Mentors, Find Mentees, Repeat
Never Give in to Hubris
Too much hubris, not much humility - don't get on the pedestal
Involve others not only in the process, but in the leadership
Don't lose sight of valuable connections at all levels because of more powerful/famous acquaintances.
Go out without pride and insecurity to connect with people all walks of life because everyone has something to offer
Be yourself, don't overstretch and pretend to know more than you do. LISTEN > speak
Don't look at job titles and exclude yourself automatically
Pick a company that wants to invest the time and effort to develop you as a person and professional
Utility (give first) + Emotion (endearment, gratitude, passion ^_^) --> loyalty and hard work
Balance is B.S.
Welcome to the connected Age
Balance is a myth
Build Your Brand
Me Inc.
We are CEOs of our own companies
To become a brand, you’ve got to become relentlessly focused on what you do that adds value!
Can I do what I do faster and more efficiently?
Ask your self
If so, document what it would take to do so and offer it to your boss as something all employees might do!
You need to
Do you initiate new projects on your own and in your spare time?
Do you search out ways to save or make your company more money?
“There is no room for yes-men in this pursuit.”
You cannot do all that if you are solely concerned with minimizing risk, respecting the chain of command, and following your job description to the letter.
Broadcast your Brand
Have a distinct message
Write down your goals
Develop a Personal Branding Message (PBM)
Package the Brand
Stand out
Style and visuals matter
You’d better look polished and professional.
Ferrazzi Time
Wake up 4 am
Meetings all morning long
2 cellphones buzzing
And trying to get even more buzzy
"It is a way of living"
"Dividing life between professional and personal spheres no longer made sense"
"where you find joy, you find balance"
MOre People
"I don't think the problem in today's world isn't that we have too many people in our lives, it's that we don't have enough"
"People need 'refrigerator rights relationships'"
The more people connect, the more they live and the more healthier they are
Le grand finale
"Wherever you are in life right now, and whatever you know, is a result of ideas, experiences and people you have interected with in your life, whether in person, through books and music, email, or culture..."
"So make a decision that from this day forward you will start making the contacts and accumulating the knowledge, experiences and people to help youchieve your goals."
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