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ki eon Kim

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A domestic oldest baby farm Choong Hyun Won Mrs.Park Sun i and Missionaries founded it by Christian Spirit for Korean War orphan , the present, it is running to Missionary social welfare institution, such as Child counseling, Domestic and Foreign Adoption, A child head of household financial aid, Children's hospital for orphan, Dental treatment for orphan and Love house for teenage runaway go home. They practice Korea War veteran's love for humanity
and they give Korean pride with become a place to find peace by parents' home for 20 million Foreign Adoptee. Mission They located in Jejung-ro 84(Yangrim-dong 210) Nam-Gu, Gwang Ju and contact number is 062)652-5500, 652-2214. Address Choong Hyun Won was founded at "Gwangju Choong Hyun infant home" by Mrs. Park Sun i in 1952.05.01. It was changed the name at "Gwangju Choong Hyun Won" in 1957.11.26 and one more changed the name at "Honam social service association" in 1979.11.09. And again changed the name at "Choong Hyun Won" in 2007.11.26. Establishment 1. '1950-1954's U.S army and Korean children' photo exhibition open
in 2006.08.14.
2. 'Kids of the Korean War-Father of a Thousand' Army chaplain
Russel Lolyd Blaisdell the first-year anniversary remembrance
and his memoirs publication celebration conducted in 2008.05.01.
3. Russel Lolyd Blaisdell's bronze statue construction unveiling
in 2009.12.17.
4. Rose dance company invitation performance sponsorship
for Foreign Adoptee in 2012.03.31.
5. Korean American Foundation with contract MOU
-Foreign Adoptee birth search.
6. Korean-style house stay experience.
7. Chung Hyeon Weon memorial hall-Missionary social welfare meorial hall , Korean War experience, Korean War Veterans picture gallery. Project Choong Hyun Won Motive They are in activity for remember the importance of the Korean war, be the cradle of Foreign Adoptee and nurture orphan of Korean war, it is based by Christian spirit for life respect. Spirit Volunteer work A five-day week commute in time, mainly working is elderly homecare
service(nursing, health care, loneliness counsel and health education) and various events participate at work for elderly, children and the disabled. With them Call and visit requisition
Tel: 062) 371-2670
E-mail: unichurch@naver.com
Address: Jejung-ro 84(Yangrim-dong 210), Nam-gu, Gwang ju
Sponsorship Account NO. Name: Choong Hyun Won
Nonghyup Bank: 351-0111-1582-83
Kookmin Bank: 556-01-0399-824
Post office Bank: 501221-01-002281
Woori Bank: 352-215675-01-101
Gwngju Bank: 138-107-003272 Be based by Christian Spirit
Honor your father and mother,and You shall love your neighbor as yourself(Matthew 19:19).
A generous man will prosper, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed(Proverds 11:25).
They must practice Russel Lolyd Blaisdell spirit
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