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E-Ticaret Dünyası | World of E-Commerce

IdeaSoft E-Commerce Software Solutions for Small Bussines

Eray Cemal Şentürk

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of E-Ticaret Dünyası | World of E-Commerce

E-Ticaret Dünyası
e-commerce packages
Shipping and Logistic
‘You must have a secure and proper working infrastructure to make e-commerce’.
Domain- Web Address:
SSL Security Certificate:
The internet address where your customers will find you
We are hosting all domains in our domestic servers and keep them secure.
It stands for the space where your website is located.
It is an encryption algorithm that keeps our customers’ personal information.
We purchase SSL certificates that show the reliability of websites in terms of search engines, banks and end users and associate them with customers’ domains behalf of our clients.
All your site history is backed up in a certain periods of time.
We keep all of our customers’ backups every single day for possible errors and can restore backups whenever they need.
Payment Gateway
You have all the payment gateways
in Turkey!
Who We Are?
How may we help you?
world of e-commerce
It is a kind of trade that consists of online sales, online purchasing, secure online payment and also shipping activities afterwards.
What is e-commerce?
How can it be done?
Product and Capabilities

Flexible and Up to date Software
‘Your e-commerce system should be able to communicate with many different systems, and it is improve constantly’
Our clients can either use their own domain or we can buy new domain behalf of them.
Infrastructure and Security
What you will need to make e-commerce?
All banks virtual POS infrastructures
Dealership payment infrastructure
Money order
Mail order
Cash on delivery
You can exhibit your products in alternative markets
Product Transfer with XML Integration
Product and Supplier
If your products are ready, you are ready for e-commerce!
Simplify logistics processes with
shipping automation
• Bulk email and SMS integration
• Payment gateway integration
• Shipping integration
• Accounting integration
• Product supply integration
• Price comparison websites
• Mobile E-commerce website
• SEO Optimization
• Promotion Module
• Online Invoice Module
• Facebook Store
• Smart Filter
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