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Lantern Fish

No description

Keyahn Golgoon

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Lantern Fish

Lantern fish What is a Lantern Fish? deep water fish that lives within the midnight zone (also known as Bathyal zone) and is known for it's vertical migration. During the sundown hours the fish rises to the the epipelagic zone. The lantern fish feeds on plankton. The lantern fish (Myctophum punctatum or Symbolophorus barnardi ) is a What Does the Lantern Fish Eat? Lantern fish eats a variety of small plankton.
It migrates up, nightly, to eat these plankton. by: Keyahn Golgoon Where Does the Lantern Fish Live? Lantern fish can be found in all of the oceans, at the midnight zone, or the epipeligic zone. Does the Lantern Fish Have Any Adaptations? The lantern fish has many photophores (tiny lights along their bellies, tails, and around their eyes), that are used for many possible reasons, the exact reason is unknown. What is the Adaptation used for? The photophores on the belly could be used to break up the shadow of the fish. Other photophores could be used for communication or to catch a mate. Why Does this Help the Lantern Fish? This helps the animal survive because the photophores on the belly trick predators into thinking that they aren't there. What Are the Lantern Fish's Natural Predators? Whales, dolphins, tuna, sharks, seals, squid, and sea birds are the lantern fish's predators. In Conclusion The lantern fish is a very
interesting animal that has
many secrets to tell. Although
quite a lot is known about the lantern
fish, there is still much more to be learned. Lantern fish is a
very technical and advanced animal
and is very interesting to study. HI Hello Human Beings
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