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Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters (Summary)

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Carol Morelos

on 26 May 2018

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Transcript of Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters (Summary)

Julie Anne Peters was born in Jamestown, New York. When she was five, her family moved to the Denver suburbs in Colorado. Her parents divorced when she was in high school. She has three siblings: a brother, John, and two younger sisters, Jeanne and Susan.Julie Anne Peters does books for young adults such as Define "Normal."
Found in :
In the book entitled "Define Normal," by Julie Anne Peters, the whole novel is about two girls that carry on friendship. It all started when Antonia counseling a girl named Jazz. These two girls are very different in many ways such as Antonia is a perfect "A" student. Jazz is judged because of her tattoo, piercing, and purple hair. Later in the book Antonia's mother got ill because she is depressed and Antonia's father couldn't be there because he abandoned them. Jazz's mother decided to help them so she let them stay in there mansion for a couple of days but Antonia's mother went to the hospital. Antonia later found out that her mother was ill so she and her brothers had to go to a foster home till her mother got better.
In the book entitled "Define Normal"
by Julie Anne Peters the setting is in Antonia's house. In the Antonia's house is very messy everything is all over the place. A citation that supports this is when the author states,"It looked like hurricane Hugo had swept through the kitchen. Cereal was strewn all over the counter. Dirty dishes filled the sink. Newspaper, envelopes, and trash littered he floor." (Peters) this shows that Antonia's house is very disorganized.
The mood of the story is upsetting and sad because Antonia's mother is sick and Antonia is alone she feels unappreciated by her mother because she told Antonia that she needs to work more. Antonia looks more like a mother than a daughter. Another example is frustrated. Jazz behavior frustrates Antonia because jazz's does not take the counseling seriously. Antonia deals with both her sick mother, brothers and counseling. Antonia try’s her best to work for school, counseling and her house problems .not all kids have great life some kids have lots of problems to deal with.
At the beginning of the book jazz sounded like a gangster and looked like a person that deals with alcohol and drugs, also body piercing, heavy make up ,tattoos, and ripped jeans. This line that am about to show you will describe jazz. “What are you looking at? Jazz sneered at me? Your purple hair? Your black lips? Your shredded jeans?(Julie Anne Peters 1).” The authors teaches us that it is not how you look from the outside but who you are from the inside.
Stereotypes #2
In the book people think that Antonia is perfect because of her manners. This line will show you how people think about Antonia. “Hello I’m Antonia Dillon. Thank you for having me over. You have a lovely house, and a lovely pool. I glanced down at Jazz now sprawled out on the tile. And a, uh, lovely daughter .Mrs. Luther's smile warmly and you have lovely manners(Julie Anne Peters 71).”
This is the photo that Antonia saw when it was Christmas and when her mother was in good health.
My favorite part part two
This photo is the part when Jazz played the piano in the concert. When she made the big changed
My favorite part part one
Authors background.
Julie Anne Peters
The theme of the novel is don’t judge a book by its cover. In the book Jazz is described as a physco. “You purple hair? Your black lips? Your shredded jeans?” (Peters 1). Even though Jazz may look like a physco, she is very helpful. When Antonia’s family went missing Jazz helped her find her family and then let them stay at her house till they were O.K.
The author gave the reader clues that Antonia and Jazz are going to be good friends. In the novel Jazz gives Antonia swimming lessons. “Jazz helped me while I floated, it was great. She even let go and I stayed afloat. Then she showed me how to tread water.” (Peters 69). This shows that Antonia and Jazz are developing friendship and trust.
Antonia (man vs. self)
Antonia keeps to herself and does not like to bother people when she’s having a problem. So she avoids her problems and focuses on helping other people. Her inner conflict is that she doesn’t know how to deal with her problems. In the novel, Dr. Dileo is her guidance counselor and offers her help. He says, “If you ever need someone to talk to my door is always open.” Antonia really didn’t want his help. “You can close it I thought”( peters 131 ). This shows that Antonia wont except help from people.
Antonia’s mom (man vs. self)
Antonia's mom has a conflict with herself. She suffers from depression. She tries to be there for her kids as a happy healthy mother but its difficult for her. In the book, the mother wanted to go on a picnic with her children, but when she got in the car she froze and couldn’t move. She never made it to the picnic. She got out of the car and said to her kids, “I’m sorry I can’t do this” (Peters 56). Antonia and her brothers were upset and thought to themselves, “I knew it” (Peters 56).
One of the symbols in the book “Define Normal” is Antonia's house. The house is a symbol of depression Antonia states “ I reached for the door handle, then hesitated. Something was wrong. It wasn’t the peeling paint or the snagging porch. our house was dark as death” (Peters 74). Another symbol in the book is Antonia's father he is a symbol of abandonment and weakness. Jazz states “ when did your dad leave? Three years ago he doesn’t call. His word were “ I’m leaving, tone promise me you’ll look after the boys. Your mother can’t she can’t even look after herself.” (Peters 148).This quote shows that the father was weak and it made Antonia mature and grow stronger for her family.
Point of view
Antonia the main character tells a big part of her life. In the novel “Define Normal” by Julie Anne Peters Antonia describes the friendship that goes through with her and Jazz. This novel is told by Antonia in the first person. An example would be “First thing I did was toss of my shoes. Good. I was home. It felt right.” (peters 184). This shows an example of a first person the same way Antonia is in “Define Normal
I feel compassion for Antonia because of her mom’s illness. The social worker who has helped Antonia’s family said “It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. It’s a disease. In your mom’s case it’s probably a lifelong disease”. I feel sorry for Antonia because she needs to take care of her mom, herself and brothers. She has adult responsibility.
Man vs. Man
Jazz’s mom does not like the way her daughter acts. She also does not like her friend’ manners. They dress like physcos. They have body piercing, tattoos, died hair, lots of make-up and ripped clothes. Jazz wants her mother to understand her feelings and accept the way she wants to look like. In the novel Jazz and her mom were having an argument. Her mother said “couldn’t you at least wear something without holes?”Mrs. Luther peered in the rear view mirror at Jazz in the back seat. “You have an entire closet full of new designer dresses and suits. I wouldn’t even mind if you wore the Levis I bought you last week.”
Character change
Antonia's perspective at the beginning was to always be perfect no matter what. For example on page 49 readers see Antonia wanting to be perfect. She says, " I spent almost all night Sunday in the emergency room. Then I had to stay home Monday and Tuesday with Chuckie, so I missed handing in another algebra assignment and a history review" (Peters). This shows how Antonia has problems in her life and how she strives to be normal be in control of her life. In the end of the book, Antonia finally learns to go with the flow. She learns to allow other people to help her with her problems and she shares her feelings. She learns that she doesn't have to sit alone with her problems and that you can count on your friends for help. Antonia said to Jazz, "You really helped me Jazz. You know you did . . .Thanks to you. You're an awesome peer counselor" (Peters 192).
In the book entitled “Define Normal” by Julie Anne Peters the authors purpose is to don’t judge a person by the dress or look. For example in page 30 the author states, “you mean the way I dress?” she said. “how I look?” It's a free country . My body is a temple. I can decorate it any way I want." This demonstrates how Jazz stands up for herself and how she is tired of people judging her just because the way she dresses and looks. that's why Julie Anne Peters wrote this book to show all the people out there that you don't always need to judge a book by its cover.
Main character description
Antonia is a tolerant person. she has to be responsible for peer counseling Jazz. An example would be "But it was a major sacrifice giving up my homeroom period for peer counseling. Now I'd be up until midnight doing homework." Antonia is also dependable. Her mother can always count on her to help out with house work whenever she is sick. In the book the author states," It was my fault the house was so bad. I should've cleaned up before leaving this morning. I should've done a load of laundry." (Peters,9) this shows that Antonia is dependable because she takes care of the house and her siblings when her mother is ill.
Authors purpose
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