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Climate Change

No description

faisal mohammad

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Climate Change

What is Climate Change?
Why is this a world Issue?
What action has been taken so far?
What can we do to Fight Climate Change?
Climate Change
By: Ramanaa Thuraisingam
How our Atmosphere Works
The Atmosphere acts as the Earths insulator, protecting us from solar radiation, thanks to our ozone layer, and trapping enough heat for life to form on the planet.
How Climate Change Works
The atmosphere is being "thickened" by the CO2 emissions and it traps more heat than usual, thus making our earth warmer than before. CFCs deplete our ozone layer, making us prone to the UV rays.
Increase of Extreme Weather
Because of the heat affecting weather patterns, overall weather has become more extreme
Threat of Another Ice Age
Since heat from climate change collects into the polar regions, it pushes the air into continental regions, thus making it colder than usual and eventually causing another ice age

UltraViolet Rays Harming People
Since the Ozone Layer is slowly diminishing from CFCs, it cannot shield the Earth from the UV rays as well, and that can cause serious health problems for many people and many other organisms.
Threat to Organisms
Climate Change is the result of mass extinction of species and that indirectly affect us badly.
It will affect other species like a snowball effect that will affect us.
Species that coexist with one another can eventually become extinct.
The Direct Threat
Climate change makes weather more extreme, and that directly kills people. This is a serious issue for developing nations and for people that cannot afford to barricade their houses.
Why Climate Change is an Issue?
The Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol is a treaty involving all developed countries where between 2005 and 2012, those countries had to drop their greenhouse gasses by 5 percent below their emissions in 1990
The Result Of Kyoto Protocol
Basically, it failed. Canada and the U.S and China did not meet the requirements for the protocol and many of the Countries have failed to meet the treaty's requirments
Climate Change does not impose a direct threat
Performance vs Environmentally Friendliness
Any thing that has a environmentally friendly alternative cuts back on performance. This includes, alternative choices for energy and Alternative products you can buy that are from reused materials.
Climate Change Affects The Economy and Businesses
Taking Climate Change seriously has serious implications on the Economy and businesses everywhere.
Why do people choose not to combat climate change?
People are less likely to act upon a potential problem that will only affect them in the future.
4 Easy Ways to Fight Climate Change
Reduce Energy Consumption
There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption in your home.
Use Alternative Transport
Carpooling, taking the bus, biking and walking are much better alternatives than individual people driving themselves.
Reduce Garbage and Recycle/Compost
Reducing the amount of garbage is a big help in fighting climate change, since landfills produce methane, a very significant greenhouse gas.
Alternative Choices in Energy
Alternative methods of producing energy instead of coal power, do not burn fossil fuels and can greatly reduce GHG emissions.
How a Coal Power Plant Works
How a Nuclear Power Plant Works
How a Wind Power Plant Works
How a Hydro Dam Works
How Solar Power Works
Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal Power
It is reliable in creating enough electricity to power homes

It pollutes the air and the burning of fossil fuels greating increases GHG emissions and it is not a reusable source for power
Advantages and Disadvantages
Reliable in Creating Enough Electricity to power home. It does it give off GHG.
Nuclear Power leaves a lot of Nuclear waste behind that can seriously harm the environment if leaked. It isnt reusable either.
Advantages and Disadvantages
It is a reuseable source of power, it does not give off any pollution of any kind, it does not give off any GHG
It is not reliable in supporting homes with power since wind does not blow constantly
Advantages and Disadvantages
It is reliable in supporting many homes with power. Does not pollute or give off GHG. Also hydro power is reuseable since the water is always flowing.
Hydro Power can seriously harm the environment. It can flood one area and can dry up another area.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Does not Pollute or give off GHG. Compleatly Reuseable because the suns rays are infinite
It is not reliable because the solar energy cannot be stored and the sun does not shine in one place constantly.
Is it possible to stop the effects of climate change?

What is moore important, climate change or maintaining businesses and the economy?

Do you think climate change is a man made phenomena?

Do any of you feel obligated to help end Climate Change?

Is Climate Change a top priority world issue to you?
My Thoughts on Climate Change
I think Climate Change is a top priority issue that should be fixed ASAP, in order to still be alive to take on other pressing issues, we first need to save the Earth.
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