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Who is the real Jay Gatsby? Rumors, Lies, and Gossip

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Morgan Gabel

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Who is the real Jay Gatsby? Rumors, Lies, and Gossip

Rumors, Lies, and Gossip Rumors, lies, and gossip symbolize the lives of the different characters in the Great Gatsby. No one was happy or satisfied with their lives, which led to the many different lies and rumors about each other. Rumors and lies won't make you happier in life.
In order to be successful and trustworthy, you need to be yourself. Lies Daisy and Gatsby lie to Tom by having an affair with Gatsby
Tom lies to Daisy by being with Myrtle
Myrtle deceives George Wilson by cheating on him with Tom. Rumors/Gossip Gatsby was a German spy
He killed a man
Went to school at Oxford University
Gatsby was an underground bootlegger- made him rich
Throughout the novel many people created rumors about who Gatsby really is and how he became so wealthy
All of the gossip talks about him having a dark past "He couldn't possibly leave Daisy until he knew what she was going to do. He was cluthing at some last hope and I couldn't bear to shake him free" (Fitzgerald,155). "I don't think its so much that, argued Lucille skeptically, it's more that he was a German spy during the war" (Fitzgerald,48).
"You look at him sometime when he thinks nobody is looking at him, i bet he killed a man"(Fitzgerald,48).
By: Morgan and Gabby
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