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No description

Kelly van den Heuvel

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Adidas

competitive advantage Adidas Conclusion History of adidas Internal analysis Strategic recommandation SWOT analysis Main question "How can Adidas enhance their market position in Europe?" Introduction Main question
History of Adidas
Internal analysis
SWOT analysis
Confrontation matrix
Identity analysis
4 P's
Brand elements
Market trends
External analysis
Competitive advantage
Porters five forces
Conclusion The beginning
Adolf & Rudolf Dassler
1949 After the separation
1997 Now
The Brotherhood Mission
"To become the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and sporting lifestyle" Objectives
Target group External analysis Identity analysis 4 P's Brand elements Market trends Demographic environment
College-age students
Natural environment
Technological environment
Social/cultural environment Competitive advantage Technologic innovation
Sub-brand Brand names
Logos & symbols
Slogan Confrontation matrix Environment
Meso / Macro
Shareholders Pestle Porters five forces Product
Width / length / depth
New product
Diagnostic brand profile Promotion
Place Identity
Brand appearances
Image analysis Marketing research
Flexible selling process and investment on I+D+I
Focus on casual wear, not only sportswear.
Create more flexible price system
Products in Europe should be tested before entering other markets.
Go more into globalization;
Invest into internet analytic of sales.
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