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What strategies can we use within the classroom to help a ch

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Year3 Academy

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of What strategies can we use within the classroom to help a ch

What strategies can we use within the classroom to help a child presenting ADHD symptoms?
Seat the student with ADHD away from windows and away from the door.
Put the student with ADHD right in front of your desk unless that would be a distraction for the student.

They often lack fine motor control, which makes note-taking difficult and handwriting a
trial to read.

They often have trouble with operations that require ordered steps, such as long division
or solving equations.

They usually have problems with long-term projects where there is no direct supervision.

They don’t pull their weight during group work and may even keep a group from accomplishing its task.
In talk partners, can you discuss what YOU would do to support the child with ADHD.

- What strategies have you already put in place?
Students with ADHD present the following challenges for teachers:
They demand attention by talking out of turn or moving around the room.

They have trouble following instructions, especially when they’re presented in a list.

They often forget to write down homework assignments, do them, or bring completed work to school.
Information delivery
Student Work

Provide a three-pocket notebook insert for homework assignments, completed homework, and “mail” to parents (permission slips).
Colour-code materials for each subject.
Allow time for student to organise materials and assignments for home. Post steps for getting ready to go home.
Make sure the student with ADHD has a system for writing down assignments and important dates and uses it.
Create a quiet area free of distractions for quiet study.
Reduce the number of timed tests.
Test the student with ADHD in the way he or she does best, such as orally or filling in blanks.
Show the student how to use a pointer or bookmark to track written words on a page.
Divide long-term projects into segments and assign a completion goal for each segment.
Let the student do as much work as possible on computer.
Accept late work and give partial credit for partial work.
Give instructions one at a time and repeat as necessary.
If possible, work on the most difficult material early in the day.
Use visuals: charts, pictures, colour coding.
Create outlines for note-taking that organise the information as you deliver it.
So... here are some ideas that you can try out within your classroom - have fun!
Any suggestions?
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