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Caleb's book report

No description

Hull Elementary

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Caleb's book report

The main characters are Greg, Rowley, and ,uncle Gary. The rest are all side characters.
About my book
My book was about a kid named Greg. Greg wanted for his life to be like when he was in his mom's belly. But at his school they had a high school student councle election. Sadly Greg could not sign up. So his friend signed up. Then his school had a valintine dance. Greg struggled to find someone to go. But when he got someone to go with him. Then Rowley went as his wing man and stole his date. In the end it all turned out fine.
Greg's mom & dad, Abigale, Rodrick. They are not in the story much.
Most of the settings are ether at his house or school. When you see him eating usaly at corney's
The main events where the school dance and when his brother Manny got scared in the play area at corney's
Caleb's book report
The title of my book is called " Diary of a wimpy kid (The Third Wheel)
The author of my book is Jeff Kinney. A great book writer.
The sub-genre is realistic fiction.
The genre is fiction
The author's purpose was to tell the reader what Greg thought he knew. But really didn't.
The problem is that Greg
is that at the start no one
wanted to go to the dance with him. So he talks to his friend and they get Greg a girl friend. Then they go as a group.
The actions where that Greg wanted his old life back. That he was getting older so he thought that it would be cool to go to the dance.
The turning point is when Greg decides to go to the dance. But when him, Rowley and abigale go Rowley steals Greg's date.
Falling Action
The falling action is when the dance is over. Then Greg and Rowley just go take Abigale home.
The resolution is when Greg and Rowley leave. Then Greg gets covered in chicken pox.
The theme is that Greg should never go ahead of his life.
When reading this book I never look at any of the talk bubbles until I finished reading the paragraph. Another is I never look at what is going to happen next.
Personally I would recommend this book because it is very funny. And it is not that long.
1. He is a online game developer
2. Has been named in a magazine.
3. Spent his childhood in Washington D.C.
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