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Where did the Stolen Generation Occur?

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Joe Pyke

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Where did the Stolen Generation Occur?

When did the Stolen Generation Occur and for how long?
The Stolen Generation occurred from 1910-1970. This lasted for many years. This lasted for 60 -70 years.
Who was involved?
The people that were involved were the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the local communities, The politicians and the police, nuns.
What happened?
In the stolen generation there were many effected people. The Aborigines and the half cast children under the age 16 were taken away from there families and brought up as white people. These children were taught to act like a white person and sang songs and went to church.
Where did the Stolen Generation Occur?
The Stolen Generation occurred all over Australia in all states and territories. This decision was made by the Australian Board and Protection of Aborigines .

Children getting carted away from their families
Primary Source
"This is the welfare generation, and that is incredibly sad. That will be judged in history as being far worse, I believe, than the stolen generation, because we are literally losing thousands and thousands of our indigenous brothers and sisters to the effects of welfare – drugs, gunja, low morale, alcoholism. I see it everyday and it can stop. The solution is education, training and a guaranteed opportunity. "
ANDREW FORREST ( Year Unknown)
How it began and how it came to an end?
It began by the half cast and aborigines that are full black were taken away to be brought up as a white. It ended by the government and public voting against and wanted it to stop.
National Sorry Day committee (NSDC) (Accessed on 18/09/2013) http://www.nsdc.org.au/stolen-generations/history-of-the-stolen-generations/the-history-of-the-stolen-generations

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