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animal jam

No description

Haley Owens

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of animal jam

Animal Jam
step 1
first you get an account
Phase 2
Then you log on.
Phase 3
Then you get gems which is money.
Which you use to buy items
phase 5
then u get stuff for your animal or for your den which is your house.
phase 6
Become a member which is awesome and a gateway to more fun
phase 7
next get pets
the only non member pets are hamsters and seahorses
phase 8
get member only dens
phase 9
Do member only adventures.
phase 10
Destroy phantoms ( your enemies )
phase 11
get stuff at the diamond shop
phase 12
this will pop up
How to play
water pets
This is the home page.
You can play games to get them, or enter a code
Whats Animal Jam?
Animal jam is an virtual playground for kids.
Many people play Animal jam, recently they hit the 1 billion mark for jammers. A jammer is someone who plays animal jam
These are some achievments
that you can do if you want.
epic den
This is the world map.
This is a game called
touch pool
If your den is cool enough
your den might get on the epic den list
Get rares.
That's how to get started and some stuff you may want to do later on.
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