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Copy of Violent Crimes

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a s

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Violent Crimes

Manslaughter 1st Degree Murder: Intent to cause death of another person
such as a police officer, peace officer, Government official or witness to a crime. Violent Crimes!

Johannes Mehserle, ( left) the former BART police officer who killed unarmed Oscar Grant (right) while he was lying face down and handcuffed in an Oakland train station, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter — his crime, according to the jury, was negligence in not knowing the difference between his heavy black gun and his light yellow tazer. -Murder
-Rape 2nd Degree Murder: Intent to cause death of another person where
the defendent acted under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance with a reasonable
explanation for their actions. Conrad Murray (left) was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Murray is accused of criminal negligence in connection to the Propofol overdose that killed Michael Jackson, (right) and could spend up to four years in prison if found guilty. Rape Assault and Battery Assault and battery could be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. It is defined as applying force against another person, resulting in harmful contact. Aggravated Assault is more serious and includes more severe circumstances such as use of a deadly weapon or the fact that the assault resulted in serious bodily harm.
The criminal offense assault occurs when a person intentionally inflicts bodily injury to another. Charges for these types of offenses can range from a misdemeanor to a Class B Violent Felony, depending on the circumstance of each case.
New York Mets pitcher Francisco
Rodriguez pleaded guilty in a
Queens court to an assault charge
on Friday, stemming from an
August incident in which he assaulted
his girlfriend's father at Citi Field Mass Murder in a Quiet NY Community
The involuntary killing of another human being. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person In Binghamton, NY 41 year old Jiverly A. Wong murdered 13 people and seriously injured 4 others, and eventually took his own life. Before the killings, Wong expressed extreme frustration with not being able to speak english well and he had also just lost his job. The Nawab of Bollywood Saif Ali Khan landed in legal trouble when the General Railway Police of Punjab filed an assault case against the actor following snatching cameras and beating up two photo journalists for clicking photographs while he was shooting for his untitled film. On Saif's direction, his security guard assaulted the two photo journalists. They have come to click some photos of the film while he was shooting at the Patiala Railway station. Murder of a University of FLorida Cheerleader. Antonio Drayton was arrested and charged with first degree murder of his cheerleader girlfriend Saleha Huuda.Drayton and his friend Cassandra kimbrough killed Huuda, dumped her body in a field and set it on fire in an attempt to hide the evidence.The family of the girl reported that there was a history of domestic battery and disorderly conduct, as well as a seperate incident of robbery but the charges were dropped. Akon, r & b singer-In 2007, Akon drew criticism for a simulated rape with a fourteen-year-old girl onstage at a club. The incident was filmed by his crew and later uploaded to the Internet. In a song, "Sorry, Blame It On Me," Akon apologized to the young girl, although he criticized the club for admitting her because she was under 21. The song's lyrics include the lines, "Even though the blame's on you, I'll take that blame from you. You can put the blame on me." Statutory Rape when a person has sexual relations with another person who is not old enough to legally consent to having sexual relations. Sex Abuse in the First Degree: When in the course of committing sexual abuse, the person causes another serious injury. Sex Abuse in the Second Degree: Commits sex act while displaying a dangerous weapon in a threatening manner; Use or threatening to use force. Actual injury is not necessary just a real danger of death or serious injury.Victim under the age of 12. And aiding with force or against the will of the victim to commit the crime. Sex Abuse in the Third Degree: Commits a sex act against another by force or against the will not rising to the level of First or Second Degree.
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