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03.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations: Assessment

No description

Stone Pinto

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of 03.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations: Assessment

03.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations: Assessment

Olmec Head
This Olmec head was found in the south of Mexico and now lies in Museo de Antropología de Xalapa and was created between 1200 BCE to 400 BCE. This head was just an art work or might even have something to done with their religious beliefs.
Olmec Stone Wall
Here is a decorated temple wall in Uxmal, one of the great Postclassic cities of the northern lowlands. Archaeologist beleive this style of decor represents the Olmec and Aztec influence on the Postclassic mayas.
Chavin Head
This head was created between 900-200 BCE. This object was created by the Chavin located in peru and shows characteristics of human and feline.
Chavin's Tello Obelisk
This object was made by the Chavins around 1200 BCE. The Tello Obelisk features plants, animals, and humans. It was found in the ruins of Chavin de Huanter.
Zapotec Pyramids
In the 700s BCE, The Zapoec began constructing a city located at Monte Alban. This picture shows two pyramids that were used for shelter, religious practices, and tombs.
This object was made by the Zapotec between 550-750 BCE. Made to look like a mix of human and bat. The bat became a symbol for Zapotec leadership.
Zapotec Urn
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