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avery mayes

No description

Avery Mayes

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of avery mayes

Avery Mayes: also known as
ME!!!!!!!!!! Hello, my name is Avery Mayes, daughter great high school
math teacher, my dad, and daughter of the best mom in the
world. In the following Prezi, you will learn about my life. I was born on a special date in history, May 12, 1999. I say it's special because on that day, a star was born. That's me in second grade!!! Throughout my life I have dreamed of being one of the smartest people in the world, be in the FBI and be the president. Ice cream is good with
me too though!!! Just in case you were wondering, today's date is 11/5/2011. That would make me 12 about to turn 13!!! Here's a more recent pic: That's me one year ago, getting the all A honor roll. In school, when people have difficult algebra problems to write, or essay topics to think of, people start to ask me loads of questions. Me:
Downright Hilarious
Or at least that's what everbody tells me.:)
That's probably why I have gotten student of the year two years in a row. More stuff about my life, I am a Christian through and through. From the time I was a little girl, my family was strict Christians. Our radio station was Air 1 (and still is) because it was christian. Some movies and activities I wasn't allowed to do because I was a christian. And yet, I'm glad I'm one.:) P.S.- I'm an Arkansan, so my typing
grammar might be a little bit off.:) P.P.S. - I inherited most my brains during countless math drills EVERY DAY, :)since the beginning of time. I'm a lover of music, ecspecially since I'm a gifted cello player, second chair. Math is my love, too. And I'm on the Searcy Basketball team!!!! All of this IS possible with the LORD!!!! THANK YOU That's me long, long ago!!! The cello is my life, I love it and it hopefully loves me.:)
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