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Rewards & Benefits Proposition

EBounty - shop, stock & barrow

Michael Antliff

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Rewards & Benefits Proposition

Simply offer access to your very own, branded web shop enabling customers and employees to purchase goods at wholesale prices. We take care of all the operational hassle!
As part of campaigns to promote purchase incentives or improved performance, voucher codes may be granted to further discount the purchase price.

Service Level 3:
Gift Vouchers

Health & Fitness:
Michael Antliff
01355 270 428
07769 67 88 44

Direct Dial:
As an added incentive, users of the site can collect points for purchases made, to redeem at a later date.
Service Level 2:
Collect Points

Service Level 1:
Open Program

On request, the platform may be configured to award credits to users for performance, achievements, loyalty etc., enabling you to recognise & reward individuals, in a personalised way, on an ongoing basis.
Service Level 4:
Award Credits

Visit the EBounty white label websites:
coming soon!
Rewards & Benefits
Corporate rewards & benefits programs help:
Improve sales performance and productivity
Increase participation in training programs
Boost employee morale
Enhance work quality
Foster teamwork
Reduce absenteeism
Attract, engage and retain quality employees
Improve work habits
Ensure worker safety
Reward employee loyalty

Customer loyalty & channel incentive programs help:
Boost channel sales revenue
Improve profit margins
Identify and engage product end-users
Launch new products / speed product adoption
Establish competitive differentiation
Acquire and retain customers
Gather valuable customer data and insight
Strengthen relationships with dealers, distributors, resellers and customers
Increase customer loyalty and "share of wallet"
Incentives & Rewards
Motivation & Recognition
White-label e-commerce platform

Branded merchandise from leading manufacturers at wholesale prices

End-to-end supply chain management and logistics

Turnkey solution:
Shop, Stock & Barrow
Categorised branded merchandise, at wholesale prices, selected to appeal to your customers and employees. Products from leading global brands include:

Health & Fitness:
Sports Watches, Activity Bands, Bike Computers, PNDs, Action Cameras…

Sat Navs, Driving Recorders, In-car Entertainment…

eReaders, Tablets, Smartphones, Digital Cameras…

Tailored to suit:
Sector Specific
Branded Service:
Your own branded web-store with the kudos and affinity this brings

Great Value:
Goods offered at wholesale prices without retailer’s margin

Easy to Setup:
Cost effective and simple deployment of exclusive web-store

Single Destination:
Everything is managed in one place – from procurement and setup to delivery and customer service

Latest Ranges:
As a 1st tier distributor, we supply the latest ranges, only available at specialist outlets

Tailored Programs:
Vouchers and credits can be aligned to performance initiatives and purchase incentive campaigns

Sample shop shot:
Landing Page
Sample shop shot:
Listings Page
Sample shop shot:
Product Page
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