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Clauses and Sentence Types

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Mary Martin

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Clauses and Sentence Types

I can
on my own! Sentences are made up of CLAUSES. A CLAUSE is a group of words with: a SUBJECT and a PREDICATE (who performs the action) (the verb, objects, and phrases governed by the verb) Examples *Subjects in red
*Predicates in blue We will try.
My pet gorilla is not a good driver.
Even when I thought she'd gone,
My mother took the dog to the vet.
Although nobody came,
My brother's bedroom smells like old socks. There are two types of clauses. Independent Examples *Subjects are in red
*Predicates are in blue I laughed.
She told me yesterday.
My best friend pretended to faint.
I never thought this day would come. Dependent I need
support! **Notice that some of these examples are complete sentences, but some are fragments. Examples *Subjects are in red.
*Predicates are in blue.
*Green words are dependent. When I laughed
Because she told me yesterday
After my friend pretended to faint
If I had thought this day would come **Notice that even though each example has a subject and a verb, the example is a fragment because it does not express a complete thought. **Notice that each example is a complete sentence which stands on its own by expressing a complete thought. Clause Quiz #1 Are these clauses?
For each number write yes or no and identify the subject and verb for each sentence. 1. For some reason
2. Sometimes we are fooled
3. Crying and searching desperately for food
4. Especially when it comes to gang-related violence
5. When Harry met Sally
6. Before you consider straightening your hair
7. In the opening of all government meetings
8. Harry met Sally
9. Separation anxiety, barking incessantly, and chewing everything in sight
10. Students danced at homecoming Whether independent or dependent,
all clauses have both a subject and a verb. Clause Quiz #2 Are these clauses Independent or Dependent? 1. My best friend tripped in the tall grass
2. Although we fell asleep
3. Unless we start now
4. She never told me
5. What this school needs now
6. The future starts today
7. While I was gasping
8. I hurt
9. Even when she smiles
10. Curt ran You can combine INDEPENDENT and DEPENDENT clauses to create four kinds of sentences. Simple -One independent clause
-No dependent clauses Examples My aunt enjoyed taking the hay ride with you.
Coming to this school greatly improved my social life.
Students danced at homecoming. Warning: Don't forget that your subject may be understood you . Example Give me back my teenage fangirls. Compound -Multiple independent clauses
-No dependent clauses
-Connects clauses with
conjunctions or coordinators like: and but for nor or yet so Examples The clown frightened the little girl, and she ran off screaming.
Edward loves Bella, but Jacob wants to protect her.
She asked me to clean my room, but I didn't want to. Warning: Make certain that your conjunction or coordinator is joining two sentences. If it is joining a compound subject or a compound predicate, then the sentence is not compound. Examples George and Mary danced to "Gangnam Style". { This conjunction joins a compound subject. I sing and dance to "Gangnam Style" every Friday. Bob wanted to dance to "Gangnam Style", but Sue thought the dance was stupid. } This conjunction joins
a compound predicate. } This conjunction joins
two independent clauses. Complex -One independent clause
-At least one dependent clause
-tends to use a subordinator such as after although because when since , , , , or . Also may use relative pronouns such as that, which, or who. Examples After I came home, I made dinner. } Dependent Clause Ron begins to sneeze whenever the cat rubs him. } Dependent Clause } Independent Clause Independent Clause } While running across the wet grass, Jessica slipped. Independent Clause Dependent Clause } } Warning: Justin Bieber is vicious. Example Even though he is thin and waiflike,
Justin Bieber tried to fight the paparazzi last week. Independent
Clause Dependent
Clause Complex-Compound -Multiple independent clauses
-At least one dependent clause While Tom reads novels, Jack reads comics, but Sam reads only magazines. Tom reads novels, but Jack reads comics because books are too difficult. People who read comics rarely read novels; they often find books difficult. } } } Examples } Independent Clause Dependent Clause Independent Clause } } Independent Clause Dependent Clause Independent Clause } } } Independent Clause Independent Clause Dependent Clause } Warning: People who find comic books difficult to read, often watch Walking Dead on television. http://prezi.com/d7a-oov1nxql/phrases/?kw=view-d7a-oov1nxql&rc=ref-3637764 Clause Quiz #3 Are these clauses?
For each number write yes or no and identify the subject and verb for each sentence. 1. The friendly, slightly humorous teacher
2. Never in my life
3. She sat apart from us
4. I wouldn't have wanted to anyway
5. My cat died
6. When it started to rain
7. Playing football in the dark
8. Let's go
9. Although she stopped going last fall
10 Constantly crawling up and down the walls Quiz #4 Are these correct sentences?
If so, what kind of sentences are they? 1. Such as health insurance and things that the government helps pay for
2. Although I try to entertain my son in old-fashioned ways, it is easier to reach in my pocket and just hand him the Smartphone
3. Learning basic skills, improving language, and higher paying jobs
4. Under current laws, only people purchasing guns go through background checks, but it isn't always effective
5. I am constantly looking over my shoulder for zombies
6. There are hundreds of diet plans; most prove to be useless
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