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Chan , Zayd, and Christan :

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lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Chan , Zayd, and Christan :

Desmond Doss
Chan, Zayd, and Christan
Movie script

The Brave
The Bold and

Movie Trailer
When they're needed
{pans over to Tibor Rubin then John A. Chapman then Desmond Doss}
They answer the call and risk their lives
Not knowing if returning home is a choice
The Brave, The Bold, The Best
John A Chapman
Medal of Honor Recipients
Tibor Rubin
Private Desmond Doss represents valor due to his extreme act of bravery in desperate times. He decided the lives of 75 wounded men were greater than his own and risked it to save them. Clearly showing that he would take a large amount of risk to save lives.

John A Chapman is a representation of sacrifice due to him giving away his life to save his comrades in front of danger doing a selfless act of charging in to save a fellow soldier
with the risk of
loosing his own.
These valiant men have fought for us from the rescuing role took by Desmond Doss rescuing men in the bleakness of Okinawa to Tibor Rubin who held hold of a mountain for 24 hours in isolation due to racism he faced with his collages or John A Chapman who sacrificed it all to save a teammate from the terrifying enemy area.

Tibor Rubin represented
courage because of his acceptance and success in the most risky situations such as impossible like missions, and aiding the wounded in POWS. This is beyond the call of duty and represents the up most value of courage.
They all fought in different wars.
They all were awarded they medal of honor by different presidents.
John was awarded the medal of honor posthumously while Desmond and Tibor weren't.
All of the characteristics (valor, courage,and sacrifice) can be interchangeable within the 3.
All 3 men were on the front line of battle.
All of them were brave enough to accept an task to help others with their lives at risk.
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