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Donna Abrams for President 2014

No description

Emma Elkington

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Donna Abrams for President 2014

Indiana has increased their expenditures from 2009 to 2013 by $2.05 billion dollars. This represents a 7.96% increase on government spending. Overall, the state has lost sight of how to spend their money. The policies and procedures of Donna Abrams will benefit the entire state by helping to cut random, unnecessary spending.Indiana has increased their expenditures from 2009 to 2013 by $2.05 billion dollars. This represents a 7.96% increase on government spending. Overall, the state has lost sight of how to spend their money. The policies and procedures of Donna Abrams will benefit the entire state by helping to cut random, unnecessary spending.
Target Voters
The campaign of Donna Abrams focuses on a group of young individuals who are willing to make an effort to change and better their lives. They are moderates who are looking for a political figure to push and shape their views to an efficient system that supports bi-partisan. Many of the young adults voters, are in search for a president who will support their college education and career path by creating new money sources for their loans with a network of jobs for after college, and a healthy way of living. By creating a life path, the people will be lead in a path of success. Donna Abrams suggests a bright and positive future.

Stump speech
Special Thanks to Mrs. Abrams/Ms.Mills!
Donna Abrams
A Woman Who Genuinely Cares
Ad #2
Support American business
Provide tax refunds/relief/benefits for small businesses
Reduce corporate tax to bring back American companies and jobs
Lower income tax for middle class and lower
Slightly raise income tax for wealthiest Americans
Middle class security
Raise minimum wage nationwide
Cut wasteful government spending
Research new forms of energy
Promote american natural gas - removes need of foreign oil and provides jobs and revenue for America

Health Care
Maintain an affordable centralized health care system but make non compulsory
Remove doctors incentive to charge for more treatment by paying doctors on salary instead of by treatment
No payment by treatment, pay annually and have people buy accident insurance if a big medical issue arises
We don't want to make healthcare mandatory, we want to make it so easy and affordable for all that it would be silly not to have it
Reduce malpractice max payout to $250,000 and strengthen legislation to demote/remove bad doctors
Give tax breaks to insured americans, whether they are insured publicly or privately.
Halt the rationing of care to people with preexisting health and mental conditions and cut wasteful spending when quality of life will not improve
Standardize health documentation to mitigate the errors in patients moving from hospital to hospital

Reduce student loan interest rates
Lower public university tuition
Make it easier for students to apply for financial aid
National focus on turning around lower achieving schools
Help lower the dropout rate by working to cope with each student’s individual needs
Promote other post secondary education such as trade school, military academies, or boot camp.
Electoral College Map
As a result of the increase in unemployment in Colorado, they're in need for more economic simulation. With the unemployment rate being substantially higher than normal, economic reforms have been even more detrimental to ensuring that Colorado doesn't fall any deeper into the economic slum.
In the category of education, Colorado has constantly had policies regarding education on ballots throughout the years. Donna has plans to raise funds for various education reforms and help ensure that schools receive the proper funding and support that they need to create the brightest future possible for the future voters.
New Mexico
The state focuses on the importance of education and public policy. Through the implementation of multiple policies regarding these topics, the state has developed to become even more active in federal politics. The note the effect that one-on-one conversation has on the people, and use it to better their conversation skills. In addition, the state noted that 1 in 12 kids in New Mexico do not have health insurance. They state, that they need to expand their health insurance options by 24 percent.

Nevada has been coming in last in healthcare in healthcare for children. Having children of her own, Donna knows the immediate importance of making sure that healthcare for children is improved tremendously.
The healthcare issues go hand in hand with Nevada's economic issues. Nevada is severely lacking the necessary money that it needs to improve healthcare for children and healthcare in general. With Donna's help, there can be even more economic stimulation to provide for things like healthcare and better education systems.
Iowa's main contributor to its GDP and state funds is American business. Iowa is mainly made up of American small businesses and American owned farms that would benefit from Donna Abrams's pro-American business policies such as providing tax relief for local businesses.
Ohio is one of the leading sources of natural gas, due to the Great Shale Gas Rush. Donna's policies would would promote Ohio's natural gas based economy and provide and economic boost that would benefit the entire state and its constituents. The benefits of the economic boost would also bring more jobs back to the Ohio area.
North Carolina
Known for being traditionally conservative, the southern state is now a wash with booming businesses. This economic wave has transformed the economy from farming to manufacturing and the population has increased steadily. The population of minorities who can vote has steadily increased along with its major cities bringing a new wave of liberal voters to the former confederate state.
Florida has lots of elderly people who would benefit from the proposed general changes to the nations health care system. In addition Florida has one of the highest rates of immigration, legal and illegal and combined with Obama's immigration reform and the streamlined system for healthcare becomes very appealing to immigrants. The rapidly increasing activity in the polls is due mostly to immigration and the growing interest of young voters (who tend to vote liberally).
Energizing the Base
The views and positions Donna Abrams has appeal to the Moderate Democrats of today. She knows that the issues facing our country today need strong permanent solutions and not temporary quick-fixes. Donna Abrams is prepared to take on the more difficult problems and fight for the solutions that will best benefit America and her citizens. She is not afraid of the hard work that is necessary to continue to make our country prosperous and successful in all of it's endeavors.

Donna Abrams is ready to fight for what America needs and is prepared to go to great lengths in debating the problems we are seeing in our economy, education, and healthcare platforms with her opponent on the Republican side. Donna Abrams is the individual this country needs to get its feet back on the ground and create a brighter future for us all.
Electoral College Strategy
We based our predictions through studies of demographics, previous election results history, and the state’s majority views.

The states we plan to carry are:
California(55), Oregon(7), Washington(12), Minnesota(10), Wisconsin(10), Michigan(16), Illinois(20), Hawaii(4), Pennsylvania(20), New York(29), Virginia(13), Washington DC(3), Maryland(10), Delaware(3), New Jersey(14), Connecticut(7), Rhode Island(4), Vermont(3), New Hampshire(4), and Maine(4).
Total: 259 electoral votes

The states we plan to align with the Republican candidate are:
Alaska(3), Idaho(4), Montana(3), Wyoming(3), Utah(6), Arizona(11), North Dakota(3), South Dakota(3), Nebraska(5), Kansas(6), Oklahoma(7), Texas(38), Missouri(10), Arkansas(6), Louisiana(8), Mississippi(6), Tennessee(11), Alabama(9), Georgia(16), Kentucky(8), West Virginia(5), and South Carolina(9)
Total:180 electoral votes

We only need to carry 2 battle states out of the 8. We plan to carry our home state of Colorado(9) and Florida(29), which will get us to our goal of over 270 electoral votes.
Created by: Andrew Sattler, Emma Elkington, Michael Maga, and Allie Boyajian. Period 2
Campaign Strategy
Donna Abrams’ campaign team will spend one to two days in the states they plan to carry. While there, she will visit the major cities and pose with voters to get media coverage. Our campaign will spend a majority of its time in the battleground states. Donna will answer voters’ questions, meet with donors, attend galas and benefits, and muster up as much media time she can get. Our campaign will not ignore the red states, but address their issues in debates and in other media opportunities.

-Born, raised, and currently residing in Denver, Colorado
-37 years old
-Married to Max Abrams with 2 children; David (4) and Sophia (11)

Education and post-education
-Attended University of Wisconsin and received a Master’s in American Literature and her teaching credentials
-Taught high school English for 6 years
-While teaching she attended Stanford online and earned a Master’s degree in Law
-Elected Senator of Colorado in 2008
Candidate Profile
In 1776 the founding fathers created a great nation unlike any other. This beautiful nation stands today greatly changed from the one formed over 200 years ago. I want to bring the government to a new era by making the right decisions which are not always the traditional decision.

I support American business and want to protect them and their employees by providing tax refunds, reliefs, and benefits for small businesses. I will reduce corporate tax and increase our import tax to support insourcing. I will lower income taxes for the middle and working class, slowly raise the minimum wage and raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans. I will prioritize our government expenditures to preserve our vital programs and substantially cut wasteful spending. I support traditional, American energy and renewable sources and will work to balance domestic, American energy.

Health is a right not a privilege. I will create a new national healthcare system with flat rates and no mandatory registration. My healthcare system will remove payment by treatment so everybody pays the same amount for equal health, not treatment, and inform citizens of real medical pricing. I will provide tax breaks to insured Americans and stop rationing care to those with preexisting medical conditions and will cut overall healthcare costs by using new technologies like national patient health review databases and cutting the max payout for malpractice lawsuits. I want to streamline health care.

My work as a teacher, senator of Colorado and as a mother has shown me the need we have to support families and create a nation stable for all Americans. I am the candidate who will protect all people regardless of background rather than support the small group of people who fund campaigns. I will create an efficient government not for the sake of change, but for the sake of Americans.

Indiana has increased their expenditures from 2009 to 2013 by $2.05 billion dollars. This represents a 7.96% increase on government spending. Overall, the state has lost sight of how to spend their money. The policies and procedures of Donna Abrams will benefit the entire state by helping to cut random, unnecessary spending.
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