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Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets

No description

Alyssa Keeler

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets

Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets Summary of Presentation: Summary of Short Story: Symbol: Climax of the Story: Themes: Conflict and Resolution: Connection to another
Work: When Jing-Mei (June-May), the main character, learns that her late mother has twin daughters living in China she soon has to make the decision on how to tell them that her mother is deceased. Her mother had run into tough times when the twins were born, had to give them up, and had not been able to see them again before she passed away. Now Jing-Mei is traveling to China with her father, and surprisingly slowly finds herself along the way. First I will be looking at a quick summary of the novel. Next, I will be looking at the main theme presented in the novel. After that I will be looking at a symbol reoccurring throughout the short story. Next, I will be talking about conflict in the short story and after that the resolution. Next, I will be looking at the climax of the story. Lastly, I will be looking at a connection from the short story A Pair of Tickets to the novel The Wars. The main symbol of the short story A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tan would be the pictures. At the beginning of the novel the only piece of their mother that the twins had were the photographs that were left with them the day that their mother had to abandon them. The twins grow up and only knew who their mother was and looked like because of the photos she left them when they were babies. During the novel Jing-Mei and her younger cousin wait patiently for the photo that was taken of them to develop, the first sign of a reoccurring symbol in the short story. Lastly, the picture that is taken of the twins and Jing-Mei when they meet is a key picture that is taken. This picture symbolizes that they are all family and that they all have a part of their mother inside of them. The only conflict in the story was when Jing-Mei was told that someone had to write a letter to her twin sisters telling them of their mothers passing. After an argument on the matter, in the end her father and aunt told her that she would have too. Jing-Mei abruptly told them that that was ridiculous and soon they came to a resolution. They decided that they were going to fly to China and meet the twins there. After they met each other she would tell the twins that their mother had passed away before she had a chance to meet them. The climax of this short story would definitely be when she finally met the twins in China. The whole short story was about their journey to China to find her twin sisters and tell them the news of their mother. At the beginning we quickly learn the plans of Jing-Mei and her father and we just wait during the whole short story to finally meet these long lost twins. Two themes that are present in this short story would be the
theme of reuniting family and the theme of loss. Both themes
are quite obvious but are very important. Reuniting family is
the theme that occurs at the end of the book. Joining together
all of the children that Jing-Mei had, the ones she lived with
forever and the ones she had to abandon when they were
children, is all significant to the story. Reuniting the family helps
shape the characters and puts the reader at peace. The theme
of loss is also very clear in this short story. The death of their
mother is what initially drives Jing-Mei to fly out to China and
meet her twin sisters. Sending a letter wasn’t enough, the initial
meeting and telling them in person is what is most important. At the very beginning of the short story A Pair of Tickets a tough decision is placed in the hands on Jing-Mei. Her father tells her that she must tell her twin sisters that their mother has passed away. Similarly in the novel The Wars when Robert, the main character, loses his sister Rowena his mother puts a tough decision in his hands. She tells Robert that he must kill Rowena’s rabbits, which to Robert is like killing a part of Rowena and the only piece of Rowena he has left.
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