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Grammar Mastery Test Confusions :)

The problems we had trouble on are explained.

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Transcript of Grammar Mastery Test Confusions :)

Grammar Mastery Test Confusions Josey Janell Lucy Who/Whom Who- used as a subject in a sentence. WHO is the murderer? Whom- used as the object of a preposition or as direct object. WHOM am I speaking to? Among/ Between That is BETWEEN you and me. who is AMONG us today? Among- used when speaking of more than
two people. Between- used when speaking
of only two. Does/ Do Does- helps express on going action Do-is a present tense verb Does this hat match my outfit? DO you have a pencil i may use? Which/That/Who Which-prefers to animals and non-living beings
That- refers to animals or things that can refer to people
Who-used to refer to people WHO is going? THAT was a huge dog. WHICH one is better the pink or black? Is/Are is- linking verb connects the subject to
the noun are-the linking verb connects the subject to the predicate adjective IS that the new ipod? ARE you a mean person? knife. 2006-2012. n.p. Web. 17 Oct 2012. <http://schools.iclipart.com/download.php?iid=383544&submit=&keys=knife¬keys=&start=0&andor=AND&colour=&s1=&s2=&release1=&release2=&previewcheck=&cat=All&type=REGULAR&rows=5&jump=0&period=&collection=&group=&orien
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