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Cultura: Semana Santa

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Prof. H. Lecakes-Jones

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Cultura: Semana Santa

La Semana Santa
en Sevilla, España
Public School-a disclaimer
USA has a separation of church and state
90% of Spaniards are Catholic, a Christian religion.
For our purposes in public school, we will talk about religious ideas in this presentation
only for the purpose of explaining the cultural celebrations of the Spanish people.
La Giralda en la Catedral de Sevilla

Semana Santa has been the most important celebration in Seville since the 16th century.
Unfortunately, the KKK misappropriated the design of this costume
It is interesting to note that the KKK should adopt this costume.
The penitentes cover their faces to hide their identity due to the shame of all of their sins committed that year.
And the pointed hat originally comes from the dunce cap-
A store front in 2003

El Paso del Cristo is generally the first float.
She is on display the week before the processions at the
Basilica Macarena
The week before Easter the town of Seville, The Spanish FLOATS depict
the biblical story of Jesus’ journey to his execution and resurrection.

Un Paso is a float or portable platform
The “pasos” pass by viewing stands

They are  directed by the capataz through the many narrow streets of Seville.
there are 57 hermandades/cofradías that make the religious visit to the Cathedral of Seville carrying the heavy floats.
6 - Los Penitentes
The hat they wear is called a CAPIROTE and is said to originate from the dunce cap. It signifies a person who has sinned.
This piece of cloth covers the sinners face to “all but himself and God”

the cardboard cone inside the antifaz, keeping it upright on the head

and a float with a Dolorosa (Mary the Virgin in pain) under a canopy.

one million people attend
The most loved of these is
“La Macarena”
She is lighted during her procession

El Paso Palio is the float which carries La Virgen, also called La Dolorosa (the hurt), La Amargura (the bitterness), or more optimistic La Esperanza (the hope).
One of the most famous landmarks of Sevilla is the Catedral de Sevilla
Semana Santa is a large week long parade.

Sevilla is known as the "cradle" of these processions.

Seville’s processions are the most spectacular example of Holy Week the world.
The organizations of people that organize, finance, and participate in these processions are…
The altars weigh over one ton
They are laidened with real gold and silver. Even the embroidery is done with gold and silver thread

a float with a Christ, representing one of the well- known biblical scenes.

Nazarenos / penitentes.
The penitentes
walk along
the sides of
the paso.

The Penitents are the members of the fraternity, who perform the authentic acts of penitence:
carrying a wooden cross, sometimes two, and, frequently, walking barefoot the whole distance of the procession.
Los costaleros
Los pasos
La macarena

en Sevilla, España

Mi cultura
La semana antes de las pascuas es...
Encaje (hecho a mano)
La peineta Y la mantilla de Viernes Santo
La península ibérica
Los pirineos
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