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should schools allow advertising by vendores

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Sarah BUGS

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of should schools allow advertising by vendores

Should schools allow advertising by vendors?
By: Sarah, Taylor, and Noah

Interesting Facts
1. " Nearly two thirds of schools nationwide had exclusive contracts with soda companies"- The American Beverage Association (SpringBoard pg. 95)

2. "75% of your advertisement dollars goes directly to our local schools"- schoolpartnerships.com (Advertise in our schools)

Why they target us
3. According to Rep. George Miller, D-Calif, this started because schools are not funded properly.

4. Children are easily manipulated into to thinking they will be cool if they have this certain product.
Why advertisement are in schools
1. They sponsor teams and help the school with sports gear. they give different gears. Like football,soccer,hockey,etc.

2. They give money to the school so the school can have enough money for books and food. Without advertisments we can not have schools

Why people hate advertisment
1. some people think that it will not let there kid focus.

2. Other people think that there kids will be manipulated to do bad things.
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