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Santa Ana Pueblo

By: Casey, Mareetha, and Carmela

Casey Chong

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Santa Ana Pueblo

Santa Ana Pueblo By Carmela, Casey, and Mareetha Politics Economics Religion Intelligence/Language Art/Architecture Society Fun Facts The essential government is the: governor, lieutenant governor
(teniente), war-captain, a sheriff (alguacil) and other officials .The people of Santa Ana pueblo
is known for pottery, woven
articles like headbands and belts, turquoise and jewelry, and
embroidered cloth. Feast Day is July 26 in honor of their patron Saint Anne where a corn dance is held . The Santa Ana people lived in a matrilineal society (one of the western pueblos) with clans Santa Ana craftsmen began to revive their ancient arts during the 1920's due to widespread in interest in Indian art Santa Ana is a Spanish word that means Saint Anne in English.
Anne means grace. The peoples of Santa Ana Pueblo were able to farm, and used language. Sources A brief history of santa ana . (2001). Retrieved from


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