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Slaves and Slave Owners

No description

Gene Monahan

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Slaves and Slave Owners


Slaves were treated roughly like an animal. Plantation owners did not consider their feelings the very least and made them wear chains. Slaves would be punished harshly and the slave owners were ruthless and cruel to them. They would not get payed and usually had to work their whole lives. Some slaves believed the only place they would ever be free was in heaven.
A Slave's Life
Slaves had to work from dawn, to dusk every day, being mistreated and disrespected. Until children were a certain age they did not have to work. When they reached that age they must work beside their mother and father. Each week, each slave would get a bushel of corn, which they had to grind themselves, with a handmill.
They got thin, inexpensive clothes (unlike their master's fine clothes), yearly, and had no choice at all. Each slave must do the work they were told to or suffer a terrible punishment.
Most slave owners were cruel and harsh to the slaves. The slaves typically had unbearable amounts of work and were punished severely not doing it. When slave owners traded slaves, they did not think at all about the slaves leaving their entire family behind. The average slave owner had eight slaves, though some had up to 500. All slaves must either work in the house or outside year round. The slave owners treated these people this way, just because they were Africans.
A Day for a Slave Owner
Slave owners would typically begin their day with a fancy breakfast, most likely made by a slave. He might join his friend in a morning snack at a coffee house where, of course, someone else would prepare his food. He could have gone back to his plantation to whip a few slaves for not looking after the cattle. Then he might read a bit of Italian and finish his day off with a satisfying dinner.
Slaves and Slave Owners
Audrey Lin
Hoping for Freedom
Slaves were made to work long and hard even through bad conditions like snow and heat. They dreamed of freedom in the north and some believed the only place they would ever be free would be in heaven. However, of course, they were forbidden to run away. Some dared to, and were whipped and punished harshly, sometimes resulting in death. When some made the entire journey north, they might help others escape. Harriet Tubman is the most well known for doing so. She made many trips back in forth, helping more and more slaves become free. The north star helped guide her and other slaves to freedom.
Slave Owners Towards Slaves
Slaves at work
Harriet Tubman
The North Star
Slaves and slave owners generally live on the same plantation and sometimes interact with each other. Other then that, they were very different, especially since they were treated extremely differently.
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