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Welcome to Art Class

No description

Lisa Stegall

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Art Class

Welcome to Art Class

Art II and Exploratory Art

Art In Winter
6th Grade
Art I
Things we can do this semester!
Playing Card Portraits
Zen Tangles and Mandalas
The Secret Life of Your Pets
Tile Making
Window Painting
& More
Playing Card Portraits
What A Card!
Playing Card Self Portrait

Students Will:
Use colored pencil, ink and/or paint
Design and create a large playing card with you as one of the face cards
Which card will you be?
What will you wear?
What time period will you be from?
What will you use to personalize your card?
Will you use traditional card colors?

Pay special attention to symmetry and use of space.

George Rodrigue
The Secret Life of Your Pet A Multi Media Portrait

Students Will:

Take a picture of a pet or animal

Manipulate the image digitally

Create an interesting and creative background for the animal, using colored pencils, markers and/or paint

Use a copy or copies of the manipulated animal’s image on the background paper

Use additional media to complete the animal’s environment

Things we can do this semester!

Zen Tangles and Mandalas
Landscapes/Maps/Google Satellite
Fairy Houses
The Secret Life of Your Pets
Tile Making
Bead Looms/Weaving Looms
Eggshells & Bone Art
Window Painting
& More
Things We Will Study This Quarter!
Egypt: Pyramids, Gods and Goddesses

Africa: Amazing Animals and Printmaking

Greece: Pottery that tells stories

Rome: Architecture and Fresco

Asia: Sand Art and Mandalas

Europe: Illuminated Manuscripts and Printmaking
6th Grade
Ceramic Animal Pinch Pots
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Spring Festival
New Year

!! Food !! !!Art!!
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Jason Mecier
Cool Food Art Websites
Hong Yi

Good Luck !!!
Color !!!
color wheel
We will paint these color wheels on paper plates, which can then be used on our Chinese New Year Dragon.
12 Color Wheel

Analogous- Next to each other

Monochromatic- One color- Tints (White) and Shades (Black)

Your 6 Favorite Colors
Paint Four Different Color Schemes
12 section Color Wheel
6 section Monochromatic
Color Wheel
6 section Color Wheel
of Your Favorite Colors
Extreme Self Portraits
New Year in Shanghai
New Year in Shanghai
Diwali Festival in India
Emotion and Art
Winter Olympics
The Hunters in the Snow - 1565 - Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Skating - 1994 - Judy Joel - English
A Winter Scene - Joseph Hoover - 1867 - American
Welcome Back!!
Elements and Principles of Art
Design Matrix
Use Your Imaginations
Visual Thinking Strategies
Raise Your Hand to Speak
Disagree Respectfully
1. What do you think is happening in this picture?

2. What do you see that makes you think that?

3. What else can we see in this picture?
MC Escher
6 Analogous Colors
St. Peters- MC Escher
St. Peters- Rome
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