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Assisted Death

Letting people die when they want to die.

Brian Johnson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Assisted Death

Problem: Assisted Death Advantages Thesis: Patients have the right to die when they want. Solution: Kill everyone when they reach the age 65. Save money Save Time Save Effort Save Medicine Save room in the hospital Disadvantages A person dies. The family of the patient is very sad and depressed. Family members could become suicidal. The hospital would become bankrupt. The employees lose money in their paychecks. The hospital could save money because they wouldn't need to buy as much medicine. The doctors could save time because they wouldn't need to waste time on the patients who are over 65. The doctors won't have to waste their effort on patients over 65. They can save their energy for younger patients. Hospitals can save their perscriptions because the older people won't need any. If people want to die and the hospitals kill anyone over the age of 65 then there would be more room in the hospitals. Patients wouln't need to wait for a room to open up. It is always a horrible thing to see a person die. If the patient dies the family would be very sad. The family members may become suicidal if they see someone take their own life. If the hospital kills all their patients who are over 65 they will have less patients and not make as much money. Because of this the employees paychecks will be smaller. If the hospital doesn't make enough money the hospital will go bankrupt.
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