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How Do Others See Me? By LewPon Foster

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of How Do Others See Me? By LewPon Foster

How Wil Sees Me
How Jose sees me.
Gabe Herrera
He is a friend I met in spanish class. And we sit next to each other and we just mess around. And he is very very tall. He is funny and looks scary but he is not at all when you get to know him. And he likes to wear shorts. And he likes peperoni pizza.
He sees me as a good friend. He doesn't really like my little brother(My little brother is kinda mean). As a good leader to my friends. That is how my friend Wil sees me.
How Gabe sees me.
A really good friend. Really funny. And really chill too. And the Best. And he thinks I'm tall. And he has kool(Jose spelled it that way)hair. A very awesome gamer.
That I am nice to him. And I'm funny a lot of the time. And I'm fun to hangout with at lunch and in spanish. And I'm friendly to a lot of people. I'm very active in running. And that I'm very open like I talk to everyone.
Jose Delgado
Jose is a friend that I talk to in my English class. And he is very funny. And we talk in the hallways. And he likes chicken. And he likes chocolate.
Wil Thomas
Wil is one of my friends from 2nd grade. He is one of my best friends. And I hope he will be a friend for a long time. That is my little paragraph about Wil.
That's how my friends see me.
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By:LewPon Foster
How Do Others See Me?

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