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From 9 to 1: Not being a countdown

No description

Hanno Lecher

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of From 9 to 1: Not being a countdown

From 9 to 1 not being a countdown ... or is it? BOA - a short description Issues 2009 Goals From 9 to 1 The future Projects East Asian Library, founded 2009:
Chinese Studies
Japanese Studies
East Asian Art History Luxury problem: 40+ library staff Major problem: space! Biggest challenge: "From 9 to 1" -- Heidelberg East Asian holdings via one surface DFG project: Size:
237.000 volumes (6 km)
450 running subscriptions on print journals
4.000 AV media
150.000 other media (microforms, slides)
5.500 volumes acquisition p.a. (average of last 10 years) Aims New acquisition workflows Shared shelving system Complete holdings in one catalogue 75,741 records migrated from NACSIS and Allegro On 3 locations
Coordination and workflows
Quality control About 1 km of books in
class rooms
offices 9 different searching tools
5 different romanization systems
4 different cataloguing rules
3 different shelving systems -- Heidelberg East Asian holdings via one surface 350,000 € through three years
4 regular staff, 7 student assistants 9,653 possible doublets to be manually checked 47,066 migration records to be manually amended 4,337 name authorities to be added 36,500 titles to be newly or retrospectively catalogued Advantages: Shared processes, improved collaboration
IKO problem!
Financial control
Better statistics Disadvantages: Cumbersome and slow
More restrictions Re-shelving 65,000 volumes:
identifying LoC shelf number
adapting title records
printing and gluing new labels
moving lots of books Shelf mark concordance CATS? Countdown has started ... Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies
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