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Brooke Bale's Circuit of teaching

No description

Brooke Bale

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Brooke Bale's Circuit of teaching

Degrees and Certifications
B.S. in Health Sciences, UALR - May 2004
M.S. in Library Media and Information Technology, UCA - August 2010
Early Childhood Education PK-4 - August 2006
Library Media Science PK-8, 9-12 - August 2010
Teaching Experience
Second Grade Teacher Baker Elementary August 2006 - May 2012
Library Media Specialist Baker Elementary May 2012- Current
Technology Experience
Completed Masters Degree with 80% of it online including the use of Web CT, Blackboard and Centra
Proficient in the use of Odyssey, TLI, Renissance Place
Current school administrator of Eschool Plus, Teacher Access Center, Ren. Place, Computer Log ons
Oversee "The Baker Broadcast", school closed circuit T.V.
Technology coordinator for PARCC Field Test
Facilitate the use of Atrium, Booktracks and Accelerated Reader
Technologies incorporated in lessons
Microsoft Office including Word, Power Point, Excel
SMART Technologies including SMART boards, tables and clickers
Information retrievel through the Arkansas Traveler Portal, EBSCO, Britanica, World Book online
Flip cameras, Ipads, Laptops
Brooke Bale's Circuit of Teaching
Full Circle
Incorporating technology into classroom since year one
Vertical Plan and Lead PLC's
Experience teaching all ages through internships and current position and subbing
Enjoy keeping up with current educational trends
Passionately dedicated to educating tomorrow's leaders

Students utilizing electronic graphic organizer
Students utilizing Prezi
Practical Resource Research and online Graphic Organizer
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