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Starting a new school can be hard

No description

Aiden Bourgeois

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Starting a new school can be hard

Starting a new school can be hard
Here are some things that might help you at Albion
Practice being nice to everyone
Stay focused during class and assemblies
Here is a video of what you might expect at Albion
Practice turning in work on time
So if you stick to these simple guidelines, you can get through Albion with a good year
How to survive at Albion
By Aiden Bourgeois
Turning in work on time is critical, although it won’t affect the grade of the assignment, but it will affect your citizenship grade
Turning in assignments on time shows teachers that you’re responsible and you care about school, which is a good thing.
Turning in assignments on time gets you good grades, and good grades are important for getting into high school and college.
You don't want to be the person that everyone considers a bully.
Being nice makes it easier to make friends, and friends are great to have.
Being friendly helps build a good relationship with your teachers, and teachers like nice kids.
Being focused is part of turning in assignments on time and getting good grades.
Staying focused at assemblies gets you on the good side of the administration that assembled the assembly.
Staying focused and knowing what's going on can help you learn, and learning is important.
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