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Grade 8 Information Night

No description

Erica Elliot

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Grade 8 Information Night

An HNM Perspective:

Why HNM?

Welcome To

Welcome to HNM Secondary School's
Grade 9 Open House Agenda:

6:30 pm Gather in the Library
6:30 pm Tours led by students
7:30 pm Gather in Gym for presentation:

*Welcome--Diavionne Wilson
*Opening Prayer- Chaplain Devine
Opening Remarks-S. Xaviour– DPCDSB Board Trustee
Brampton Wards 7,8,9,10
-Carla Mynerich- Chair of School Council
-R. Borg-Principal
ESC Prime Minister account-Mehal Patel
Alumni account-Michelle Juhary
High school structure- Ms. Locicero
All-girl schools- Mrs, Villella
Review of Guidance-Mrs. Sunjka Acting Department Head
Catholic connection- Chaplain Devine
*Special Education/ELL- Sandra Roiati Department Head
*Registration Information & Package Pick Up

Holy Name of Mary CSS

Grade 8 Information Night
Secondary School Structure
4 year program
Streaming in Grade 9 & 10 based on learning style
Challenging fast-paced curriculum
Mandatory community involvement
EQAO- Math Test-(Gr. 9)
OSSLT- Literacy test (Gr. 10)
High School Structure
Diploma Requirements
To Earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma You Must Complete the Following:
30 credits ( 110 hours each )
18 compulsory subjects
12 elective (optional) credits
40 hrs. community involvement
Grade 10 literacy test
Taken in grade 9
Taken in grade 9
Taken in grade 10
Can be taken in grade 9 or 10
Taken in grade 10
Grade 8 students can select
course from the following options:
Drama – ADA101
Music – AMI101
Visual Arts – AVI101
Information Technology in Business BTT101
Healthy Active Living- PPL1OF
Food & Nutrition- HFN 101
Levels for Grade 9 & 10
Levels or "Streams"

D- Academic
p- Applied
O- Open
L- Locally Developed
Academic and Applied Levels
In core areas:
Math, English, Science, French, Geography, and History
Students may study at
Academic and Applied levels (e.g. A student may take ENG 1D1 & MFM1P1)
Course changes allowed in Spring with Course Verification Sheets
Locally Developed Levels

Students who are
not yet
working at Grade 8 level
Prepare students for the Grade 10 Essential or Grade 9 Applied
What to keep in mind when making decisions with your child!

Every child is different.
Be realistic in course selection.
Consult with your grade 8 teacher to assess academic performance and RECOMMENDATIONS.
Consider your child’s skill set

HNM SHSM Programs
Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)
Offered at Holy Name of Mary S.S.

-Business Women Leaders
Non- Profit-
Just Act

SHSMs enable students to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge to add to their application packages when applying to University or College.
Co-operative Education courses are taken along with certifications and other requirements.

Special Education
English Language Learners

Our Catholic Connection

students will enroll in a Religious Education Course in
each of their four years.
All students
will participate in a religious retreat
every year.
Every student is welcome to visit the chapel for quiet reflection.
Our Chaplaincy Leader is available to students in need of Religious counselling.
students will demonstrate respect for Catholic education by participating in prayer and Mass.
School Uniforms
School uniforms are available for
purchase from R.J. McCarthy's

Academic Resource
ELL Departments
support students with
Special Education needs
and students identified as
English Language Learners.

We follow a collaborative
model committed to
support student success.
Our primary purpose is to
improve student learning
their graduation
and post-secondary pathway plans.
Thank you for coming!
Please pick-up your registration package
Registration Process
Obtain Pre-Registration Package in person tonight
Completed Pre-Registration Packages are NOT collected today.

*Pre-Registration Packages will be distributed this evening*

Completed Pre-Registration Packages Due Dates:
November 10-11, 2016
Non Dufferin-Peel-
November 14-16, 20`6

packages will be accepted
in person
from a Parent/Legal Guardian on these dates and kept in chronological order

If you arrive with an incomplete package, you may be required to return on a later day with the completed package.
Report Cards
With your fully completed Registration package, please also be sure to bring copies of your
most recent Grade 8 Report Card
(if available) AND
your Final Grade 7 Report Card

You will be asked to leave these copies with us. We may not have photocopying available.
Important Dates
November 09, 2016
Information session at Holy Name of Mary and registration packages distributed.

Nov 10-11, 2016
Dufferin-Peel students fully completed packages will be accepted in person in the Guidance Office between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

Nov 14-16, 2016
Non-Dufferin Peel students' fully completed packages will be accepted in person in the Guidance Office between 8:30-2:30pm.
Interviews take place in December
You will be contacted in shortly for a date and time
*Course verification forms will be mailed out in the spring to all registrants. Families will make changes to personal information and academic selection.
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