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Workflow Management System

No description

Rawan Bashoaib

on 10 February 2018

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Transcript of Workflow Management System

Scope Definition
Pr blem Analysis
Fact Finding Techniques
1. Interviews.
- Several structured and unstructured interviews with the head of marketing and sales (Eng. Abdulrahman Saud).
- Unstructured interviews with the director (Mr. Fahad AlGhamdi) and the CEO (Mr. Hatem AlGhamdi).

2. Sampling of existing documentations
- The company’s website
- PDF file that contains information about the company’s service packages
- An Excel sheet that contains the ‘content calendar

Logical Design
Workflow Management System
Rawan Bashoaib
Requirement Analysis

The system owner (Bassmat Digital Agency).
The system users (external “Bassmat clients” and internal “Bassmat employees”).
The system analyst, designer, and developer (Rawan Bashoaib).
The project manager (Dr. Eng. Diala Abi-Haidar).
Business Process
Main Problems
Files and information are saved everywhere
Data are lost or hard to find.
Time consuming.
Hard to communicate with employees.
Emails and phone calls reminder.
Thank You
Any Questions ??
System Requirements
System Objectives
Project Scope
Entity Relationship Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Activity Diagram
Candidate Study
Feasibility Study
FAST Methodology
Fact finding techniques
Company summary
Project's stakeholders
The methodology used
Business process
Main problems
The project's in scope and out scope
The system's requirements and objectives
Logical models
Different solutions
Physical Design
The scope is an important element of project planning and it helps the analyst in deciding what specific goals, boundaries and tasks that the system developer should consider.
1. The access of external user.
2. To schedule tasks and assign them to employee.
3. Repository for all project documents and employees and clients information.
4. Automated notification.
5. Project’s evaluation.
1. The last phase of SDLC (delivery and testing).
2. Integrating online payment for the projects.
3. Specific project pages.

Search engine to quicken and ease the finding of information needed by 100%.

Database to keep data in one secure place by 100%.

Automatic reminders to minimize the effort of project manager by 80%.

Clear assignment of tasks with deadlines so employees are well informed by 80%.

Minimize the time of requesting services by 80%

- Cultural, Schedule, Economic, and Legal feasibility
Physical Design
Construction & Testing
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