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Purifying the Nation: Father Theobald Mathew

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Sydney Frost

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Purifying the Nation: Father Theobald Mathew

Purifying the Nation:
Father Theobald Mathew(1790-1856) Lasting Impact One of the methods he used to help people suffering from drunkenness was when he took the pledge of the Cork Total Abstinence Society, on April 10th, 1838, which he soon became the President of. This encouraged many others to take the pledge as well. Mathew also gave many sermons to show his views on alcoholism. By organizing schools, industrial classes, and benefit societies, Mathew was able to change immoral behavior. Methods to Improve American Life Success of Father Theobald Mathew Father Theobald Mathew help establish the practice of abstinence in America. The Temperance Movement help establish the instruction on alcoholism in schools. Today, 12-step programs help people dealing with alcoholism. Without Theobald Mathew, there would also not be as many Catholic schools in America. Many people today try to change habits and stay away from certain things. During lent, people deny themselves and change their ways.. Father Theobald Mathew: Historical Figure Theobald Mathew is interesting in his belief of total abstinence, rather then temporary abstinence. Mathew used his power to help people, such as the poor. He was committed to the antislavery movement in America, and helped create a link between the Temperance Movement and anti-slavery. Obtaining his Goal Though, Theobald Mathew always felt strongly toward the Temperance Movement, he never felt that he should campaign his views extremely. He felt enough people were hearing his sermons that the word would spread. On the issue of slavery, he supported the abolitionist, and signed a petition, but refused to openly state his views due to his pro-slavery followers. Theobald Mathew was born on October 10th, 1790, to James Mathew and Anne White. At an early age he was orphaned, and adopted by Lady Elizabeth Mathew, the wife of his uncle, Major General Mathew. Theobald Mathew was sent to Maynooth College in September 1807, but was later expelled. After he left, he sent himself to join Capuchin Order. His ordaination was held on Easter Sunday in 1814 in Dublin, by Archbishop Murray. Mini Biography Criticism of American Society Father Theobald Mathew contributed to the Temperance Movement, which encouraged moderation in the consumption of intoxicating liquors or press for complete abstinence. He felt excessive drinking was a sin and the only cure for drunkenness was total abstinence. Mathew had much success. Due to his establishment of the Cork Total Abstinence Society, he helped thousands people suffering from drunkenness. He spread the word of total abstinence. Due to the Temperance Movement, there was a decrease in crime rate as well. Eventually 12-step programs were set up to help people dealing with alcoholism. The Cork Total Abstinence Society Pledge “I promise to abstain from all intoxicating drinks, except used medicinally and by order of a medical man, and to discountenance the cause and practice of intemperance.”
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