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Sarah's Ice Cream and Coffee

Situational Analysis and IMC Plan

Lauren Appleton

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Sarah's Ice Cream and Coffee

Sarah's Ice Cream and Coffee Situational Analysis Strengths
Threats Ability to appeal to all ages
Hershey’s Ice Cream
Strengths Weaknesses Seasonality
Limited marketing budget
Opportunities Co-brand with Kinetic Kids and Massanutten
Expansion of products
Threats Ice cream franchises
Local small businesses
Marketing and Advertising Objectives Sales Objective:
Monthly Gross Sale of $15,000 in spring and summer
$5,000 in fall and winter months
Advertising Objectives Local families target market we will advertise for preference.
Massanutten tourists target market we will advertise to develop awareness.
Awareness Messages To increase awareness of store location, hours of operation and product line to 60% of target market within 3-4 months.
Preference Messages Create a preference for Hershey’s ice cream over the competing Kline’s brand for 50-60% of target market within a 3 months period.
Create a preference for 50-60% of our families’ market segment to come and sit down in Sarah’s over competitive locations within a 3 months period.
Intentions to Purchase Messages To get 60% of our out of town segment to intend to purchase coffee beverages within a 5 months period.
To get 40% of target market to intend to purchase items off the sandwich deli menu within a 4 months period.
Media Choices Television
Family market segment
Mix 93.1, WKCY, 104.2 Country, 98.5 Rock, KissFM 93.7
Variety of audiences
Peakview Elementary School
Family market segment
Giving back to the community
Route 33
Out of town and local market segments
Kinetic Kids
Dual marketing

Media Budget Media Schedule Sales Forecast Conclusion Situational Analysis
Goal is to ↑Sales by 10%
Awareness, Preference, Intentions to Purchase
TV, Radio, Sponsorships, Billboards/Painted Signs, Newsletters, Dual Marketing
Budget = $23,350/year
Less than $2,000/month with higher costs from March – May and lower from June – February
Current IMC Plan Newspaper
Field Trips
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