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Medieval Arms and Armor

No description

Caleb Fuller

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Arms and Armor

A Knight's armor was his greatest possession. Generally a Knight's amor was made from steel or bronze. The helmet protected the knight from fatal blows to the head or neck. It also offered protection from falls. Medieval Arms and Armor A presentation by Caleb D. Fuller The Knight's leg armor protected him from falls or blows to the leg during combat . The chest plate was possibly the Knight's most important piece of armor. The chest plate protected the Knight's heart and major organs. It is also the largest piece of armor on the Knight. A Knight's shield protected him from arrows, spears or pikes, and his combatant's sword. A Knight's sword was very important in combat it was his main weapon. The Knight's gauntlets protected him from hacks to the arm. They limited the Knight's movement in his hand and arm. The Knight's sword was made from steel in the later Middle Ages in early Middle Ages they were iron or bronze Works Cited

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