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How to make Flash Animation!!

Description of what is Flash, how to make Flash Animation.

Naho Konakawa

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of How to make Flash Animation!!

What is Adobe Flash!! Animation Application Movie Player Web Contents Banner How to make... Full Flash Site e-learning contents Web Game About Adobe... You can use... Web Animation Movie Business Software Nintendo DS AIR Application (Web/Flex Application) (Desktop Application) Macromedia Adobe Flash Flex Dreamweaber Fireworks for Web for DTP ColdFusion Game Software Android Application FreeHand Acrobat (PDF) (SWF) Photoshop Illustrator InDesign GoLive! Keep in mind!! can not use iPhone/iPad Adobe v.s. Apple Adobe Flash Series Adobe Flash CS5 Adobe Flash Builder 4 Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 LiveCycle Breeze (Connect) parhaps... in the future can not use a few Browers HTML5 v.s. Adobe Free Software : IDE Flash Develop PalaFla Suzuka Adobe Media Server Red5 Server Technology SDKs Flex SDKs AIR SDKs Keitai Contents Open Source Project Texts Drows / Graphics Images / Photos Sounds / Voices Movies / Videos Data / DB Internally Cooperation XML Images Sounds Movies Camera / Microphone Catch up leading-edge information from Adobe-TV from References Lecture schedule About Adobe Flash ... 15min.
How to create Flash Animation ... 75min. About the Timeline ... 3min.
Try your first Animation : Shape tween ... 7min.
About Symbols ... 5min.
Try Symbol Animation ... 5min.
About Shape ( fill, line ), Layer and Multiple Symbols ... 5min.
Try 3 Symbols Animation ... 10min.

---Process to create BO-NINGEN Animation---
About Symbol Recycle ... 5min.
Try Walking Behavior Animation ... 15min.
About Symbol in Symbol ... 5min.
Try Walking Move Animation ... 15min. 10/14, 2011 10/21, 2011 How to make Flash Animation ... 80min. Bring your Pen Tablet,
if you want. Get Adobe Flash trial on your computer. Please think about original short story for next week. ex, Bear's Long-Jump, Running Dogs etc... About BONE Animation ... 5min.
Try BONE Animation with BO-NINGEN ... 7min.
About Mask ... 5min.
Try Trough a tunnel Animation ... 5min.
About Animation Techniques
( Moving Mask, ZoomIN/OUT by Scale ) ... 10min.
About to add Sounds ... 5min.
Try add Sounds ... 10min.

--- Process to create Cutoff Animation ---
About Frame Animation ( onion skin ) ... 7min.
Try Frame Animation ... 20min.

About Frame Rate, Scenes ... 3min. Try to create your ORIGINAL animation ... extra. http://maruproduction.com/ http://www.morinono.net/ http://www.charapal.com/flash_movie/ http://www.asahi.com/ http://www.banner-ch.com/flash/ http://movies2.foxjapan.com/blackswan/ http://toyota.jp/priusalpha/ http://www.noe.jx-group.co.jp/enegori/ http://www.eneos-tv.jp/ http://www.youtube.com/ http://www.goomo.com/ http://tv.adobe.com/ http://www.aegisc.com/elearning/e02-06-02.html http://satt.jp/product/adobe/acrobat-connect-pro.htm http://pc.kiteretsu.jp/ http://www.suntory.co.jp/softdrink/boss/game/ Web parts http://www.jfa.or.jp/ http://www.nomura-branch.jp/flash/index.html http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/componentexplorer/explorer.html http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/consulting/styleexplorer/Flex2StyleExplorer.html http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/devnet/dashboard/main.html http://help.stockfetcher.com/sfhelp/?topicid=100328&qrid= http://adobe-ria.jp/air/ http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/marketplace/ Lec01. About the Timeline make a Keyframe and
draw a rectangle @1stFrame create a Shape Tween draw a circle @finalFrame Lec02. About Symbols change to Symbol and
create a Motion Tween move the Symbol on finalFrame change the Path add a Effect of Blur change the Transform/Scale
value @finalFrame Lec3. About Motion Presets a motion register to Motion Presets
and create 3 symbols Animation
each symbol is on different Layer Lec04. About Symbol Recycle don't create same shape symbols create arms and legs instance
from same Symbol Lec05. Symbol in Symbol create new Symbol
this has some Timeline and Animation create new instance of it and
create Motion Tween for it
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